Penn State Victim's Mom Speaks

The mother of alleged victim talks exclusively to "Good Morning America."
4:44 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Penn State Victim's Mom Speaks
My exclusive interview with the mother of victim number one her son was brave enough to step forward and she is speaking out -- to make sure that justice is done and other children are protected. For her protection in this difficult time we won't show her face and her voice has been altered. Her son was just eleven when he first met Jerry sandusky a summer camper at the coach's second mile foundation. It all seems so innocent when was the first time -- suspected something was wrong with the relationship. My son. He started acting now I went to the school counselors and you know and it was basically they said -- puberty saying. And at some point he came fewer than any city wanted some information about how to. Look up sex -- -- goes yes what did you think of that. I ask him Tom -- was looking -- and he said he wanted to see of Jerry woods on. And I said -- why would you look him up. And he said I don't know he's a weirdo. And -- -- proceeded to ask him if there's something he needed to tell me and at that point he didn't. He didn't indicate any thing I called the school and expressed my concerns. I told them to -- my son down to the guidance office and talk to him. And they did at that point they called me telling me that it was very important to get there immediately which at that point -- had suspicions so. I kinda knew what it was about. But that was more than a year after her son began spending more time -- send -- -- alone every week sleeping over his basement. That's where prosecutors say send -- began to abuse the boy when you read. In the indictment what was going on in that basement what went through your mind what you want to do. I was work part. I was there are words -- sharp -- tore -- according to the grand jury indictment. High school administrators had also been allowing sandusky to polar sun out of class for unsupervised visits. One wrestling coach even testified that he can't send -- -- lying on top of the boy in a secluded weight room. But his mother says she knew nothing. I didn't even know that he was leaving the school with my child I didn't know that he was taking him out of classes. They never told me that what do you think your son never told you well I think it was a lot of embarrassment he was letting me hints to to figure out. And I did eventually figured out and when you finally did have -- chance to have a heart to heart would you -- years after. The relation first began tell us about that what happened we have a discussion where you know our -- you know you. If you know maybe we sort of you know come -- conclusion earlier he served cold mean. And he was very well -- you know he tell you what to do I just in no -- what did you and you just can't tell Jerry no. He felt -- he's just a little kid here. And what surprises saddens and angers her the most the number of people who seem to know something was going on but didn't call police. Including coach Joseph Paterno and he was -- right thing for -- fired well. I think if he had any inclination in this and I mean he may have legally did what he needed to do. But there's got to be some moral -- and in my opinion yes I think that they all needed to be gone. I can't imagine what you must be feeling which you must be thinking how angry this guy know how angry I would be if this -- something that happened. To my kids -- any sense of how this -- gone on for so long and been so widespread and -- -- now have no idea. I have no idea how I can't even imagine I don't I don't have any clue what is your son saying now about what happened. And about everything that's. He's seen Penn State over the last few days the students apparently are not -- -- -- -- We're doing anything to him so he's really. He you know he's he's -- -- for the team right as far as the people that he added now we kind of expect interest. At some point he'll probably have to be testifying. In court that's going to be very difficult. Very well he's a brave kid how would you and your -- like to see this and -- would you like to see. I want justice I want him. I wanted him to be locked up there's no there's no help first -- that does this person -- you know not like this there's. He needs to be put away he needs he put away for a long time. Whether this is so hard here in no way -- and the mother alluded to what compounds these crimes is is this machine -- heaped. On these kids who makes -- so hard for them to speak out who gets to go on for so long Levys are often tells the child no one's gonna believe me. They won't believe you anyway at her son very afraid to step up dancing toward.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The mother of alleged victim talks exclusively to \"Good Morning America.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14930826","title":"Penn State Victim's Mom Speaks","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-sex-abuse-scandal-victims-mother-speaks-14930826"}