Penn State Sex Scandal: Victim Hires Civil Attorney

First of 8 alleged victims has hired an attorney in Jerry Sandusky's indictment.
3:04 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Penn State Sex Scandal: Victim Hires Civil Attorney
To tell you it was there were -- the moment this weekend at the Penn State Nebraska football game when both teams before kickoff. Got out there together. And it lasted but good for five minutes they were praying together. Thinking the of the victims and I've never seen anything like that have performed you can see how much they -- moved in so -- on that campus across the country still -- -- After -- week that saw coach Paterno the university president both fired there's a lot of soul searching going on in state college Pennsylvania also a new front. Opened up in the unfolding legal -- just last night ABC's Jim tablet joins us that from state college Pennsylvania good morning Jim. Good morning George ABC news has learned of what appears to be the hiring of the first civil attorney in the case. Evolving the Penn State children here. In fact we've learned is that that that attorney appears to have been hired and retained by one of the eight victims. Who is mentioned in the indictment against coaching legend Jerry sandusky. A prominent Pennsylvania attorney has told ABC news he's been retained to explore a civil lawsuit against not only coach Jerry sandusky. But against anyone who may have not reported the alleged attacks including Penn state university. And the second mile charity send -- he helped run two worked for a foundation that is not -- and a front for child. They they should they should be held accountable second -- -- was denied it knew the seriousness of the charges even though the president of the group. Was reportedly -- sandusky have been banned from a local high school because of inappropriate behavior with children. Second -- ten -- fund -- volunteer Patricia -- tells ABC news that made her feel like she was punched in the stomach. I do absolutely think that Jerry sandusky. Started this foundation. With the intent. Of having children readily available for his needs. Sandusky whose house has been vandalized is free to -- state college Pennsylvania and 100000 dollars bail. Granted by a judge with connections to the second mile organization. It is still collecting -- Penn State pension there are now six investigations including one by the attorney general who soliciting new victims via telephone hotline. That -- you would like report -- -- -- investigation completely crashing. If -- to speculate I wouldn't be surprised if we had more victims come forward. A scandal cutting deeply into one of America's cherished educational institutions. Important enough toward a -- from the president. When asked by ABC's Jake Tapper. For folks not to immediately say nothing else matters except making sure that those kids are protected. That's a problem. Sort of the big question still remaining here is why did this investigation take so long. Perhaps an answer from the local Paper this morning which reports that in fact the state police were investigating this case initially assigned only one state trooper to the case.

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{"id":14946890,"title":"Penn State Sex Scandal: Victim Hires Civil Attorney","duration":"3:04","description":"First of 8 alleged victims has hired an attorney in Jerry Sandusky's indictment.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-sexual-assault-scandal-against-jerry-sandusky-14946890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}