Sandusky Admits to 'Horsing Around'

Former coach denies committing crimes involving young boys while at university.
3:53 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Sandusky Admits to 'Horsing Around'
Let's get right to Penn State Jerry sandusky the former coach accused of abusing so many young -- surprised everyone by speaking out for the first time. He admits to horsing around with kids -- denies committing any crimes ABC's -- -- has all this from state college good morning Jim. Good morning George law enforcement sources confirmed this morning that there working fresh new leads with possibly new victims. This says Jerry sandusky emerges on the telephone to tell a national audience. He's -- pedophile he's just a jock who -- -- horse around with boys in the locker room. Jerry sandusky in hiding and un monitored with no restrictions on his travel finally surfaced as part of an interview offensive. Designed to fight the serious child molestation charges against him. First -- -- himself on -- Center talking by phone to sports reporter Bob Kostis. I'd say that I'm innocent of those charges. In -- -- completely innocent and falsely accused in every. Aspect. I have a horse to round was kids I have -- after workouts. I have hugged them and I haven't touched their let -- Without them tens of sexual contact. A firm denial that -- to -- when asked the critical question are you had a file. Don't argue sexually attracted to young -- to underage boards. And about sexually attracted yeah age -- Sexually attracted -- either uninsured young people. -- love to be around them alone. Qualities. I believe but no I'm not sexually attracted to -- -- What are you willing to concede. That you've done that was wrong and you wish you had not done. -- in retrospect. You know. I think the question of -- with those kids. All of this appears to be a legal strategy casting -- dusty as just a fun loving sportsman. Who like to play around in the locker room -- position repeated by his attorney on CNN. Jerry sandusky is a big overgrown kid. He says he's -- chalk. For anybody who's ever played sport she get showers if you work out. But the indictment charges much more than horsing around on March 1 2002. This -- graduate assistant Mike -- walked into the football locker room after hours -- allegedly sought ten year old boy with his hands up against the wall. Being raped in the shower by sandusky. What did happen in the shower the night that Mike my query. Happened upon you when the young boy. Okay illusion RAM. Horsing around. And he actually turn bullish dollars on them was. Actually sliding. Across. The floor hand. And we were does -- -- possibly -- snapping a tunnel horseplay. The -- is now on administrative leave amid outrage he did not intervene. But sources close to the investigation tell ESPN the query did stop what he says he saw happen. Writing to friends and players this email. I did the right to -- I didn't just turn and run I made sure it stopped. But coats and dusty says none of that happened and admits he doesn't have all the answers it seems. That if all of these accusations are false. You are the -- -- and most persecuted man that any of us has ever heard about. Oh I don't know what you will be deciding. I don't think there's. This have been the best -- is in my life. In the end sandusky says he hopes the public will hold on and not judge him until he gets his day in court.

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{"id":14954397,"title":"Sandusky Admits to 'Horsing Around'","duration":"3:53","description":"Former coach denies committing crimes involving young boys while at university.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-states-jerry-sandusky-admits-horsing-boys-denies-14954397","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}