People Magazine: Zac Efron Completed Stint in Rehab

People's Larry Hackett discusses the magazine's story on the "High School Musical" actor.
5:05 | 09/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for People Magazine: Zac Efron Completed Stint in Rehab
Hottest stories trepds right now. The week kicking off with larry hackett, the editor of "people" magazine. The crowd goes wild. You have something to get wild about. The picture of zac efron. Up there many machu picchu. There we go. The end of a long journey for him. It is. We have a harrowing story in the magazine about the drug spiral he was on. The story opens up with a drug party in hollywood, him telling a young person he was up for four days. Going to vegas, not going to bed until 5:00 p.M. Taking adderall to stay awake for a press conference. Was this in the papers? It seems like a surprise. No. He partied secretly. He stayed at friends' houses. No photographic evidence. No, no, no. A huge contrast to to the character he played. He was fantastic when he came to my office. Total pro. Real nice guy. Never eye-rolling. Seemed completely into it. A close family. It was a shock. Hopefully, it was a short period of time that is now ending. It seems like it is him? Not in clubs in toronto. Looked fine. Keep our fingers crossed. Also, could it be back to the future for fergie and prince andrew? Is this happening? They have been very friendly since they split in 1996. They live in the same house, right? It's baig house. She speaks highly of him. Back in the summer time, she was unvited to the queen's house for the first time in 18 years. This was seen as a signal that they're taking her back in. When asked things like if they're going the get married again, she says he's my andsome prince. Three years ago, she got in trouble for selling access to him. That's right. That's right. H she didn't go to the wedding. He's put up with a lot of stuff. He says nothing bad about her. She sort of wink winks. Does he indicate there's a -- kind of the same. He doesn't throw cold water on it. I think it's real romance. Another potential love story. Thank you, amy. Kate upton and maks? The west village late in the week, right? Thursday. One good-looking couple. Is there anything more to say? They both said no, they were just friends, the first time they were ever shot. Is there more to it? Any reason for them to say they're not going out? I don't think so. They wanted to see if it was going stick. People don't want to be seen as having a date or two and breaking up. They know what is going on. They know what is happening. They know we're going to be here talking about. Sit a declaration of something. Hi, maks, hi, kate. Hints about the new season of "glee" and how they'll handle the death of cory monteith. The hardest word to say is good-bye. It is a tough one. If any show knows how the deal with this issue, they embrace emotion on this show, right? Singing songs. They know what they're doing here. It will be, very moving. They'll move on from there. But it looks like they may address it head on. Not try to sugar-coat it. We can see that coming forward. With all these shows. Zac efron, separating the character from the individual is hard. And the power of the message to the people who love the show. They have an opportunity to make a difference. And a group that is not immune from loss. This age group has to deal with this kind of things. The trick is to not exploit this young man's death to pro mote the show. Happier news. Husband alec baldwin, helping his wife with a little yoga video. You don't think of alec baldwin and yoga. Definitely not. Just kidding. She said, I'm a very bossy person. I made him do this. He hass said he has a new life now. We had their baby photographs in the magazine. He doesn't have a very hard job there. What exactly is he doing? It makes couples yoga look fantastic. He has calmed down. I like them very much. The yoga is good for him. So is married life. So are you for us. Thank you.

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{"id":20417782,"title":"People Magazine: Zac Efron Completed Stint in Rehab","duration":"5:05","description":"People's Larry Hackett discusses the magazine's story on the \"High School Musical\" actor.","url":"/GMA/video/people-magazine-zac-efron-completed-stint-rehab-20417782","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}