5 Inspiring Weight-Loss Stories

People magazine profiles amazing stories of folks who lost 100 pounds.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for 5 Inspiring Weight-Loss Stories
It is almost in -- summer -- And we have some very inspiring weight loss stories to keep you motivated as we move into the -- the folks are about to meet -- more than. Hundred pounds each they're amazing stories are on display in the -- issue of People Magazine in its own stance today we will meet them right here in a moment but first. A look at -- children. They were five people on the mission the goal to shed 100 pounds. -- heaviest mean Alice her bank tipped the scales at 235. It is my birth YouTube -- she even posted videos on YouTube -- -- accountable for -- dramatic weight loss. At 254. Pounds Heather for -- would sneak out to restaurants after her family had gone to sleep. The cheese Fries pancakes Romley. But she knew she had to make change -- she's -- down an astonishing 100. 36 pounds and Michelle -- Ali's party and you can't feel the ball shared similar struggles as well. So how did they do. I'm joined now by People Magazine editor Michelle cannon three of the amazing people. To change their own lives they did at the hard way and they stuck to let everybody please welcome. -- we -- and Dana looking cards talking a while but first I do want to ask you. I'm Michelle why these people like you focus on these particular people -- Interesting is that usually -- celebrities behind -- inspirational when you focus on people who are outside of this filing you don't have as Hollywood advantages of the personal staff for the trainer. That's where we get the motivation Dayton daily you can do it to you had to do it with no checks this is just good old fashioned hard work. It's gotta feed. Very inspiring to readers it's a very popular issue right absolutely economist popular packages that we -- -- -- and it's because I really find they're only doing -- there's not one magic formula everybody finds a diet exercise thinking what's best for that well let's start with -- and -- contract. Patients you're looking -- I. Did you ever imagine you'd be out in a bikini -- to -- -- Congratulations 119 pounds that he. You last what was the hardest part about it just sticking with that day -- -- Keeping them -- I was strictly what do you wanna say to people were watching use of thinking you know -- could do. That -- candidates it's -- to keep reminding yourself every day from trying it and don't give is there a point where you go. You know what it's just not happening what like what was that we we're just kind of stopped falling off and it got harder -- he would push for a on Saturday that last ten or fifteen pounds of -- like that took forever to get off. Well one of the things -- -- did was change your diet talk to me about your old snack -- music. It's gotten out of their fingers through is becoming a popular -- this whole thing you have just nice work I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would totally agree me off guard and -- -- now I'll I have. For me ill on the butter or sugar free -- on -- low -- -- CN. And then for snacks. Vegetable soup and Allman that I count -- -- -- throw -- -- great ideas love. My daughter's picture -- like on I want to move on Allie -- happening now. Tawdry and sad feeling better you keep -- my -- I don't know you're having breakout year. I'll know I don't know just getting fitter and try to feel better and -- on. Hard shirtless on GM. The magazine some even called -- -- snapped but baseball column I used to drink two liters of -- today. Bad -- lot of sugar yeah I recommend people should in the head after a proven -- crunch I was and this is this mobile by the way. For what I just didn't find a sizable that I usually NN cream cheese you don't look back from parents don't eat much -- -- other than you know. Very sometimes like I know anything you recommend oatmeal crackers oatmeal excellent complex carbohydrate I put protein powder in it and a little blueberries brings a -- I cannot thank you look on top deck. And congratulations to you Michelle how many pounds lost hundreds 400 parent -- Now I don't. Nothing here looks terrible all the stuffing out of gas and I really -- his students -- one sitting you would eat a bowl stopping the exile and for. Only Harry can you recommend now maybe Springsteen sings she's in great I have to come great -- protein it's kind -- Right guys they've taken good. And we get all day I like congratulate yeah I think in the shall. People Magazine thank you thank. You're just as Eric Johnson told me how great is not -- aren't the only leading a knee I mean it's hard to believe -- -- popular models for some segment and it's amaze you guys -- -- armada phenomena like make sure our congratulations congrats guys.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"People magazine profiles amazing stories of folks who lost 100 pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17026630","title":"5 Inspiring Weight-Loss Stories","url":"/GMA/video/people-magazines-inspiring-weight-loss-stories-17026630"}