People's 25 Most Intriguing People Revealed

Larry Hackett on why Will and Kate, Kim Kardashian and J.R. Martinez got nods.
3:15 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for People's 25 Most Intriguing People Revealed
All the big -- -- -- -- coming out now we've seen Barbara -- now People Magazine is out with its 25 most intriguing people. And people's marriage here Larry Agassi to talk about what caught the I -- him and all the readers of people and got to start out with the newlyweds you have to let me in a year or so much indecision and -- -- bad economic news and all that kind of stuff here is that this -- story. Beautiful couple fairy tale it's the greatest thing out there can't right the right time -- springtime. Whenever he needed boost and it was just wonderful -- pull this off they certainly did not make a false step across the way now -- speaking of that. How about the runaway bride little book and for the -- do -- actually the opposite exactly. Even some like me who covers this stuff was surprised at the gravity of the car dash in union. I think we all believe back in August that it was the real deal she seemed very much -- -- the look alike believe that sure who wouldn't I think you know you you can't. I mean look I have a certain amount of healthy professional cynicism or skepticism. But I think in this case -- photos for real everything we've heard from -- indicated that that I think would also people what was -- found out here. Is that don't mess with marriage she better be telling the truth density two days is not necessarily mean did you feel a backlash -- -- from -- -- absolutely and within hours of this news coming up people were saying this is -- K and I'm really really upset about this you know I will watch the show I know what's reality TV. But don't try to -- me about it America and then from that to inspiring. The survivor -- -- -- guard. It's amazing I mean you can you think about an eighteen years in captivity to come out of there to be so forward looking and so dynamic and so. Determined to get her life back it's really quite impressive thing that a -- -- -- Like it was that that interview she did return was so. -- just received her tell her story also we are all watching all fall long JR Martinez the dancing here another truly inspiring story. I mean even if what -- not happened to him you know in Iraq I mean incredible story being burned coming back from that again getting his life back -- finally optimistic and then winning handily. -- -- show that captivates everybody I mean it's kind of like we are really -- If you know of course we follow that -- you all follow along here -- It was so great to hear all of this -- dancers competitors they all liked him so much Snow White into this scene it's great to watch someone become a star and that guy did and in the fall suddenly everybody 1 morning was talking about this guy and we had a -- on the story and we heard -- at the top of the show the voice of doubt. I tell you I don't care who you are you -- be that hit his reviews person out -- listen to industrial music or somebody's grandmother. This woman -- appeals everybody -- an album full of great great songs before you guy got to hear back your trips the White House is set talent both Obama's. We did we -- mr. mrs. Obama last Monday it's interesting he is a guy who well where's the weight of the world on and he looked a little tired but -- record -- a little gray. But mrs. Obama is Stephanie ready for 2012 we have to questionable points and where did that guy from 2008 -- where's he -- and she said. -- -- busy fixing the car -- and didn't answer the questions that weren't tough question absolutely well it was a tough question was fastened to see her rhetoric. She simply ready to go into Saturday to defend her husband and defend what he's done. That is you get the sense that she's actually there's been some talk about that she'd sort of -- in the White House rather she's going to be coming -- a lot -- on the campaign -- of the time we spent -- is an indication I'd have to say yes absolutely. Okay Larry Hackett thanks very much -- double bonus Christmas issue 25 most intriguing people.

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{"id":15169781,"title":"People's 25 Most Intriguing People Revealed","duration":"3:15","description":"Larry Hackett on why Will and Kate, Kim Kardashian and J.R. Martinez got nods.","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-25-intriguing-people-2011-revealed-15169781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}