Details on 'People's Court' Mystery

Matt Gutman on exclusive new details in the disappearance of Michelle Parker.
2:45 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Details on 'People's Court' Mystery
Begin an exclusive new information that the former fiance of the woman who disappeared after confronting her -- on People's Court. ABC's -- -- joins us from Orlando again with the latest on missing mom Michelle Parker good morning that. Hey good morning George -- learning that that ex fiance dale Smith. But during one particularly brutal fight scream that Parker your day is coming. Has been dogged by a decade of arrests restraining orders and multiple courts martial while in the Marines. ABC news has learned to deal -- seen here with his former fiancee aren't the People's Court kind of -- in my camera on the ground. I was a little angry with these -- -- replete discharge from the Marines and 2003. -- a string of court martial including military convictions for drug possession and domestic battery this former fiancee Michelle Parker. Went missing Thursday just hours after she accused him of serial violence during this now infamous episode the long running court show should have put his hands on -- ABC news has also obtained. These restraining order which -- -- against Smith. The request was denied by judge while police -- Smith is -- -- suspect in Parker's disappearance. Those closest to her including her sister Lauren Cindy are still hard to -- allegations. Of -- rage. Have you managed to exclude anything -- include some things. We aren't at this point excluding. Anything that has nothing to be excluded every possibility that it dale -- -- it's nothing. Meantime police and family members like -- brother Dustin. Tell us they are now focusing on other equally nightmarish scenarios. Still happen. -- I think she had a normal day you know here's. She had to work that night she might stop at a store somewhere between there and there -- -- -- was -- maybe. He was the last person to hear from her. -- cryptic nine character text message. For 26. Dozens and I text message he -- -- -- -- -- came back at 426 to saint Waterford. She doesn't talk like. But as the mystery intensifies so does the search for the sixth straight day an army of friends is patient leaflets canvassing neighborhoods. Including one very determined mother. Her mom. I'm from mom and how do you know her have you seen her -- you know anybody if you do please please please help me. And after six days of starting this search. And thousands of tips Robin no sign of life yet now Parker and Smith. -- shared custody of their three year old twins her family says that he was a supportive. And loving father but he's been visited every day by police and we've learned that yesterday he got a visit from child services. Robin all right Matt thank you.

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{"id":15014330,"title":"Details on 'People's Court' Mystery","duration":"2:45","description":"Matt Gutman on exclusive new details in the disappearance of Michelle Parker.","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-court-mystery-details-missing-woman-michelle-parkers-15014330","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}