'People's Court' Mystery: Father Speaks Out

Michelle Parker's father on who he believes might be behind disappearance.
3:01 | 12/06/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'People's Court' Mystery: Father Speaks Out
It is coming up on 743 now and out of the case of missing mom Michelle Parker who vanished after facing off with her former fiancee -- the People's Court. Now her father is speaking out about who he thinks is behind her disappearance of ABC's twenty Davis joins us with much more fun when he went to good morning -- such a mystery just last week Orlando police officially named Parker's ex fiance as a suspect in her disappearance. Now her father's coming out with much stronger language saying things like I know he did it. We've just got to prove it. For the first time in the nearly three weeks since Michelle Parker's disappearance. Her father tells ABC news he believes her ex fiance Gail Smith. May have had something to do with it. -- -- radar right now. -- -- -- Mean I'm angry and that's why I think he did it. Until now Parker's mother has been very careful to say the family believes she may have gone missing in a carjacking gone wrong. Even after police announcement is their quote prime suspect. Parker's mother simply pleaded with him to tell the truth. I want him to tell us where she is -- who knows where she gives her what he's done to her but Brad Parker now tells ABC news a truck driver contacted him. Saying he saw a man fitting Smith's description near a wooded area off state road 52 wanna. He told Parker's father the man was standing by truck similar to the one Smith drives he came out of the woods in. He said he yawned and look he was watching -- -- you know looking left and right. -- looked suspicious police have not commented on the truckers allegations. While investigators have searched the home where Smith was staying and are calling him a suspect. He has not been arrested last week he was awarded custody of the couple's twins. Knocking over an ABC cameraman. His -- into court. Michelle Parker's disappearance has been clouded with mystery. She went missing just hours after an episode of the People's Court in which she appeared with Smith's first aired -- -- Her step mother wants Smith to explain what happened that day. If they can do anything to deter us from thinking that way please jump in there have -- -- do -- Ellis tells somebody shows support. And then many of them won't be thinking and has something to do with sales. Over the weekend Parker's family moved their command post from Orlando to this bar in a nearby city where she worked. They are continuing their search while her father has just one -- dale you -- my phone over. -- Michelle's dad you've gotten my Green hero. And a. -- -- Over the weekend search teams explored in new area near state road 520 and once again they came up and -- Smith allegedly refused to take a polygraph test. Parker's family all along there -- the same message is please tell us something tell us what happened bride and thank peace father her father said it has the grandkids because I want to reach out to him. As best they can. -- right Lindsay thank you.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Michelle Parker's father on who he believes might be behind disappearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094395","title":"'People's Court' Mystery: Father Speaks Out","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-court-mystery-father-speaks-15094395"}