People's Court Mystery: What's Behind Search?

Dan Abrams, Nancy Grace discuss police search of Dale Smith Jr.'s father's home.
4:55 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for People's Court Mystery: What's Behind Search?
Bring our legal team GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams along -- Nancy Grace the host of Nancy Grace that HL and in Atlanta thanks for. Both you for coming in Nancy let me Begin -- little incurred -- here. On the one hand they say that Smith is not a suspect on the other hand they going to his father's house with a full swat team. You know your right and here's the kicker George wants that someone is named a suspect right person of interest. All of their constitutional. Rights and privileges then attacks. They can't be spent conditioning typically we had a lawyer. That the police have to carry. Out every church every meeting. With kid gloves so right now they're not naming your -- inches or a suspect. All -- a lot went down this weekend George a search went down. About seven miles north of where she was last thing which is also near where the -- are. The -- he happens to be staying there right now we understand lives. Why because yourself I campaigned in near that area. About seven miles north of where she dropped the twins off. And -- her -- was power dam that happened around 8 PM that night that's the last we know of Michelle. -- we heard all the police said they -- for what they were looking for but -- didn't -- spot. Book it. They must have had some notion that there could be an issue when Iraq because you'd ordinarily don't arrive with a swat team just an excuse search warrant. And look the fact they ended up -- certain people indicates that they had some resistance when they tried to execute this but I'll tell yet. That you ask the question before about it sets a course is being treated as a suspect think about. He's the ex fiance he's the one -- on the People's Court with -- he's the person who -- where she dropped off the kids last there was a history of domestic violence and to monitor in the woods has exactly so you have all of these things together. And it would be crazy if they weren't looking him -- as a possible suspect in connection with this -- Today Nancy -- the next step ironically the father and still has the experience he still has custody. The kids how long can now last. Well until he's named a suspect or person of interest right now that -- have a leg to stand on until they make that formal live. But also video surveillance has emerged and it's also to to -- -- time. While she was on the People's Court that episode aired that. De George around the time she goes missing. Where the couple was fighting over a 5000. Dollar -- engagement ring she was ordered to pay him 2500. Dollars. Now it's my understanding that the parties did not know it was going to -- that today that's what we've been told. But it -- she drops the twins off that afternoon. And George she's not home at 330 when her eleven year old son gets home from school she typically watts. The little boy called his grandmother and the -- -- start searching for her so at 330 she's gone. But even if -- even if DNA he was named a suspect or person of interest he could still retain custody. And probably still would can -- retain custody until there was some sort of arrest we've seen it in case after case. We're someone. Like Josh Powell for example of the case is that we followed here where for affirmed the long period of time. Even if the authorities are convinced that the person has at the very least someone else to add to the investigation. You don't lose custody of the children because of that. Let's say get a jailed AM that's right that's that and that's why you were actually named a gets arrested -- -- -- custody right that's what would have to happen right that's why said that if he's arrested that that would happen is there anything -- investors can learn from the kids. Three years old. Very little -- they can certainly talk to them but they just have to -- be so careful when talking and indeed they have to be so careful as to what they take away. From what they say because they're so young and -- he get you get real specialists and Eric. There's a great. I disagree -- want to -- you can unlock. Information from children if you know how to interrogator questioned him for instance from mommy and daddy had a Big Five yeah the radio and amber I didn't do it all what we're -- what do you do -- -- -- let's assume for a moment you're -- -- -- -- added to the investigation OK as mommy and daddy had a Big Five -- and -- -- is mommy in the kitchen in this sadly she's -- missing right I think that's very important. So -- -- but let's assume that happens let's assume they -- the let's assume they say they had a fight. I don't know what you can do -- that. I mean you can you can certainly -- to your equation to yourself to say hey. I think it's this is very suspicious with the authorities or think that there's incredible reason to believe that this is the suspicious situation. Okay Nancy Grace to have while. I think it that would add more than suspicion it would act add actual hostility and anger and possible physical abuse just before -- -- missing right but. All just pieces and not the sort of the pot society enroute they don't have to be the last word today again and Nancy thanks very much.

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{"id":15039093,"title":"People's Court Mystery: What's Behind Search?","duration":"4:55","description":"Dan Abrams, Nancy Grace discuss police search of Dale Smith Jr.'s father's home.","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-court-mystery-raid-father-michelle-parkers-fiance-15039093","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}