People's Sexiest Man Alive Revealed on 'GMA'

Senior Writer of People magazine Alexis Chiu unveils 2011's sexiest man.
3:00 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for People's Sexiest Man Alive Revealed on 'GMA'
Get -- for all of us out there were also revealed people magazine's brand new sexiest man alive Tony Levin -- This year will be one of the hot homeless people senior -- and Lexus zoo. Is here and relax. At. Larry and I went into making this election yes -- does isn't a very long hard arduous drive us so elegant so many sexy man. Berry has made -- -- and yes -- to you held. You're very pregnant. It is likely not yeah. How honest behavior -- -- but in the person just have to have the total package. Not higher on every laugh riot and we have something and -- -- to -- this problem but for the revealed. Some of that you know there will Ty Burrell use of the funniest sexy man began to. -- -- -- We'll have a sense of humor and -- it's an old cliche but it really can be very vaccine works for me network and I. I like Dave -- way it goes down my way out of -- -- I keep my surprise in this smoking jacket with a -- is not being -- he counted up I'll call you. And that's very sexy thing you so everybody everybody to reveal high gas yeah. This is me. I don't know like that he can handle my. Cannot -- KK and what isn't. Let's bring yeah. Okay. -- The mayor -- really rapidly. -- there -- any of my phone mom and dad. NFL I didn't like Aniston looking guy and that's -- and what went into -- -- in the sky speak fluent French. The day he can't even if you recipes during our interview that he rides a motorcycle -- that's dangerous town. You know -- his mom needs -- -- -- Greg Aiello -- the dark for women hits me that I follow all he's been reopened it for me once yeah. The afternoon and indiscriminate. I found out yeah yeah. Congratulations. -- -- -- -- -- Please welcome Alexis thank you very much appreciated that having been with -- -- to. Justin Timberlake went out with the marine corporal -- -- she asked him. Four dream date until after the show yesterday we ask people about how about a -- -- is now alive Tony eleven. The issue comes out Friday for People Magazine -- didn't go online but yesterday -- Justin Timberlake and we ask that somebody at home if you have a dream -- who would have me. -- some results here do you. -- -- -- -- -- Ryan Gosling was next but -- Josh Elliott our Josh Elliott 17%. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14963209,"title":"People's Sexiest Man Alive Revealed on 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"Senior Writer of People magazine Alexis Chiu unveils 2011's sexiest man.","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-sexiest-man-alive-bradley-cooper-revealed-gma-14963209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}