'Perfect Strangers'' Balki Reveals True Passion

Bronson Pinchot left Hollywood to restore old homes with salvaged materials.
1:51 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Perfect Strangers'' Balki Reveals True Passion
Excited to tell you all about bronze and who could forget -- -- -- in perfect strangers for twelve years ago though Bronson how to change party left behind to indulge his real passion and a place about us. -- from Hollywood as you can get. For eight seasons on perfect strangers he played a character who needed no introduction I -- Oklahoma with. So how -- the man he starred as the lovable oddball from the Mediterranean island of meat closed Sunday it -- big. Welcome harboring. And up here 3000 miles away from Hollywood in the sleepy town of Hartford Pennsylvania nestled deep south behind mounds deepening -- movies at. Hugely successful TV show and here you are Hartford Pennsylvania -- that happen it was in New York City I was doing a Broadway Show and I was on a computer. And I happen to see. Country houses with you know land around them that -- that the cost of maybe half a New York studio apartment. And he's got it and I have had to have one and then -- got another one and I got another one. Finding this town tapped into one of France's biggest passions. Buying up dilapidated properties transforming them into architectural wonders using only. Salvaged materials many would look at -- and go yuck. Garbage right and you look at this and think curtain. In addition to this Greek revival which serves as -- residence he owns four other houses nearby. And two properties he plans to turn it distorts the bridges part of your property to yes and the barn yes even bought and restored this little gem. The -- working post office how big event held its chemical and I mean she's opposed master you know who it was when he was on -- TV -- -- -- -- A deadly gas used to did you ever Clinton looked to -- -- Cher I'm. Cash rose at the Beverly Hills -- He's done my colleagues here at the actual -- Xbox mountain -- well -- -- you can see her post master -- may not be star struck by Branson's old Hollywood life. He but that's just -- Bronson likes it to you -- Hollywood. They never did love Hollywood I just love the work in California you say to somebody -- you know -- -- everything. No because it's by -- -- at the gym and I don't want a pre exhaust the muscle to think that it got my woman now. But his time on perfect strangers will remain forever closed to Bronson heart -- that's something isn't there he's never left. The character's name -- originally -- of and I said how about about the short for balcony and they said well that is so left requested -- the character and you can balcony Larry Appleton -- make. He maintains a close bond with former costar mark Linn baker you ever talk to mark. -- now. We mostly don't talk mostly just laugh we just look at these other an unscripted -- and nobody knows why. We can read each other's minds literally. But being part of such a pop culture phenomenon. Also had a downside -- show had a huge impact and I love that but I really. Have to saying. That there is a potentially. Awkward -- you disconnect. When someone expects you to be character in -- you could see the disappointment. And even offense that they take. Now instead of being bombarded with chants of down keys -- Young grad is traded auditions. For antiques and I have no appliances. Why do mask from what appeared it would be as much you -- important. Fans are now asking for home improvement advice. What happens now is people will sit next me on the plane and go -- it's brought -- -- -- this credit. The commute to my tiles but it's an apartment and announced it would it would do and -- like Marietta tested that makes you Wear -- -- Because with this tiny town -- his views he is on a one man of renovation journey -- broke -- -- stale news. Looks finished his unique process is being documented for the new series the Bronson can show project on DIY network. About the -- And it could not -- preservationists and his real life restoration rule offers in -- kind of freedom Hollywood never could and it. He's kind of -- stage. It kind of yes it's -- the -- become -- character. -- I have more fun. Anybody really have the right -- -- mean it's what I love and he believes by helping to preserve this town's past. He will need. To a beautiful future is their perfection in the imperfect past two dollars and their survivors and so -- -- And I know what you're wondering yes Bronson would love to do a perfect strangers reunion he said he'll do it the -- he can get down to a size where -- can fit into his Balentien -- again. Check out he showed -- Bronson -- show project on DIY Saturday nights at 1030.

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{"id":15926938,"title":"'Perfect Strangers'' Balki Reveals True Passion","duration":"1:51","description":"Bronson Pinchot left Hollywood to restore old homes with salvaged materials.","url":"/GMA/video/perfect-strangers-balki-bronson-pinchot-reveals-true-passion-restoring-houses-15926938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}