Person of the Week: Sandra Bullock

Actress Sandra Bullock is a spirited reminder that life hurls you forward, even from the back of the line.
2:31 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Sandra Bullock
There she is a spirited reminded that -- -- -- -- -- from the back of the line. Two other actors said no to this -- and gravity. Before Sandra Bullock took the chance. Receiving the award this week saying she's grateful for the opportunity to keep trying and keep doing new things and not. Send me out to pasture and I want to go to pasture. Colts. And allergic to grass and cows -- mean. -- you can't copy. And did you look back across the decades on screen she always seems to be living a life so close to Lowery stokes basket next. -- It is bouncing back. Remember nineteen years ago she was thirty in speed. Her biography is full of surprises. Fluent in German ash makes any of this kind that do -- -- -- the German mother was an opera singer. Who died young cancer. Who don't pay tribute to the Oscars. If I can take this moment to think -- -- -- -- for not letting -- writing cards and the boys solos eighteen -- he was right would have done it she said I was gonna do. The mother who taught her to sing and dance and if life hands you a personal blow. Show. And -- yes. For being entertainer of the year horror. Did I -- is because of the spectacular IE he's close -- became a personal life. -- You have any place -- and I another plus two while she was making -- movie blindness and she secretly adopted a baby boy Louis. Taking what life hands you turning it into law. I wasn't expecting him I had nothing to prepare and you realize you need very little other than knowledge patience and a whole lot of love I would like to thank. What this film was about for me which aren't the moms that take care of the babies -- -- children no matter where they come from. She's now 49 years old and says she danced her way into shape for the movie role in gravity. Saying she tells herself your old when we supposed to do you can't go backwards. -- for -- nine -- exactly where I want to be.

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{"id":20687903,"title":"Person of the Week: Sandra Bullock","duration":"2:31","description":"Actress Sandra Bullock is a spirited reminder that life hurls you forward, even from the back of the line.","url":"/GMA/video/person-week-sandra-bullock-20687903","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}