Can Your Personality Make You Fat?

Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry discusses the effects of attitude on weight gain.
4:20 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Can Your Personality Make You Fat?
Mexican food that may change your mind about how you're trying to lose weight -- personality keep the pounds on mechanics change in attitude. Help you lose weight questions we first saw -- -- in the Wall Street Journal. And therapists and co host of ABC the revolution doctor Tiffany Davis Henry is here with her take. Congratulations on the new gig starts on Monday -- -- revelation Monday am so excited in the ring. I'm science I'm time but I'm trying to savor every moment the revolution is here and it is Clinton and the lack -- yeah. -- Let's talk about this particular subject but now we picked a lot of interest here. Because there is a connection between your attitude and your way you can and things like that and say it's -- it's about -- personalities. Yeah I think person persons -- Now we have a lot to do with that -- I don't think we were it's read -- Lee Blake comprehend the ball and didn't really think about it but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That person -- just sucks the energy out of the room is very negative have something negative to say about everything and everyone. That person tends to have the more pessimistic about -- sees things as a black hat in Dee. And really does eat for comfort the thing about that is the key is here that -- this person will often times not feel so great about themselves which is why they point out all of negative things. In the world. But because -- feel so great about themselves they tend to eat away some of those negative emotions which makes them feel even worse about themselves. So the key for that person is really find someone it's really gonna be honest with them and say you know what. The same way that the world the way that you do so that's a turnaround that's how you turn it around really have that good person we -- should have that the person and I like that can say look. It's not as bad as you think it is let me tell you how I see -- -- -- change. The attitude -- an Alley people and the flight data evidently that negative -- how about it instantly gratify. Well let me tell you -- Without. I think the balance in this category passing affair -- is that why I them I don't think about it it's what I want I got to have it. If there and witness shows up with food is you know what even -- -- chocolate cake for five days in a well. It's day six you know what I'm and that fact that kick in that incident -- expired just says you know what I want Agassi I'm an addict my advice to that person is really slow it down he really needed -- even really want it or is it just -- -- China -- -- emotion because like -- said. Even though you know -- full or whatever. I see something wanting scratching you gotta go get it -- and I think that the personality trait that a lot of our viewers can link to. People pleaser -- auto -- yes yes and moms are notorious for this we got it make sure everybody's happy everyone's okay. I'm taking care of everything everybody but that the bad thing about that is they tend not to take care very good care of themselves that it -- to say yes to everyone else. And notes to themselves in and that's that they now have to change we have the flip that starts saying yes to themselves because when mama. Is happy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I learned something -- know is a complete sentence. No is -- complete sentence and don't get -- but you don't need to ask no questions how we're looking to let you have more hands and say the man. Other revenue lifted -- yeah. This correlation between. -- -- -- at a command real difference -- -- -- can make a tremendous difference that collapsed in a you know the one key to keep things that I. Offer people -- coping mechanisms in. And how to cope with the emotional eating is one identify what that feeling is that if it's sadness -- the suppression of this what Everett addressed this the second thing. Don't go for the -- of the pie addressed the feeling if you -- some magic on this topic and rabbits and an Italian. This outfit you own memo that I love you OK OK yeah. -- little balcony but -- -- of -- yeah. And a -- trying to your -- until I could. Tell you all of our friends on the -- English. Starting on Monday hey I'm mr. -- central and Pacific on ABC.

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{"id":15338232,"title":"Can Your Personality Make You Fat?","duration":"4:20","description":"Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry discusses the effects of attitude on weight gain.","url":"/GMA/video/personality-make-fat-15338232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}