6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in High Heat

Dr. Marty Becker cites products perfect for cooling down your animals.
3:26 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for 6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in High Heat
It's been really hot summer. Not only for us but for our pets. This is little megan. There's a reason she's wearing those. We'll tell you how to keep our pets cool. We're here with dr. Marty becker. Who do I have here? That is betty. Betty. Betty is a spaniel-husky. She's wearing a -- a life preserver. Summer is time for the dogs to get hydrated and healthy. We need to keep them safe. My daughter has pugs. A pug is like trying to snorkel with a one-inch snorkel. People think all dogs can swim. But they can't. Other dogs get off a boat, they start sinking lower and lower this the water. You can pick them up like this. Lift thm up out of the ground. And we're that hurting betty at all. No, we're not. The whole idea of a doggie paddle is maybe a misnomer. Ah. A dog might get in the water. The safety turtle. An alarm for the pool. It sounds this alarm. it takes a minute to stop. Cow can put it on the dog's collar. Especially if you have a dog that doesn't do the doggie paddle. Dog goggles. Doggles. Impact proof. Dog eye protection. You get sun protection. Honestly, really, marty, that doesn't bother them. It looks cute on the dog. But sit necessary? I will tell cow another use. I have a blind dog, a 12-year-old golden retriever. We have dogles on her just to protect her. It will be necessary. Yes, it can, sam. Sun protection. This sounds crazy, right? I think of you, josh. You're a mastiff. I'M MORE spuds McKenzie. It's the lighter, whiter-skinned dogs. I'll nef hear the end of that one. You can take this stuff, squirt it on their ears. Their nose. The autowatering. The water dog. As soon as a dog walks over. It doesn't attract insects. Ultrasonic technology detects the water. It shuts off. I love this product. He's dr. Marty b y becker. Logon. All the detail. We have information about the bonus items, too. Get them the sun screen and the doggles.

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{"id":16861302,"title":"6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in High Heat","duration":"3:26","description":"Dr. Marty Becker cites products perfect for cooling down your animals.","url":"/GMA/video/pet-products-pets-cool-summer-tips-happy-healthy-16861302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}