Peter Cook on His Christie Brinkley Divorce

The model's ex-husband speaks exclusively to ABC about his messy divorce.
7:04 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Peter Cook on His Christie Brinkley Divorce
Let's get right to our exclusive interview with Christie Brinkley's ex Peter Cook speaking out about their messy divorce and the -- public mudslinging. That exploded again this week the pair trading nasty -- in court filings and the press. Cook addresses that all exclusively with twinkling her Elizabeth Vargas who's here with much much over who from Manhattan is right -- four years after their divorce -- bring. Lee and Peter -- each filed new court papers against each other the most recent filing came just last week. Each accusing the other of violating the terms of their divorce agreement Christie Brinkley says cook failed to pay child support and bullied her in abusive emails. Well Peter Cook sat -- with us yesterday exclusively to save those charges are untrue. She was America's it girl. Supermodel bombshell Christie Brinkley -- more than 500 magazine covers including Sports Illustrated three consecutive times. Not only a cover girl but an uptown girl. Singer Billy jewel whom she later married wrote this 1983. -- specifically for her. She had appearances on the silver screen. And the longest running contract for -- cosmetic company ever. When she -- architect Peter Cook at the age of 42 after three failed marriages it looked as if she finally found mr. right. But in 2008 when mr. Wright confessed to watching online porn and having an affair with his eighteen year old employee. Brinkley filed for divorce. There was one of the most of this showdown a bitter battle ensued did secret surveillance tapes forced him to agree to a settlement. And the mud -- continued with a very public trial. Fast forward four years and the nasty war of words is back. Why is this still happening this battle between you and -- ex wife four years after you divorced. Well -- I think I can honestly tell you why it's all gone on from the outside looking hand. -- kidney it can seem like two squabbling teenager -- it seems very petty. But the problem is. That ms. Brinkley doesn't think what she thinks that these agreements were crafted to govern. Me and me alone that the rules don't apply to her what do you still -- well that she received she filed a claim that I wasn't paying child support. When she took off to do Broadway last year from march to -- -- put children might full time care. So -- Wrote -- and said you know hey she's gone -- that children full time. Haven't we reversed child support for this time -- so you Appel not to pay child support hurt during the time period that you had poor kids crafts -- -- -- -- 100% of total. -- look at some of the top so. I'm here not -- -- Christie Brinkley but the defend myself because to be called a deadbeat dad. To me is so. It's horrible spiteful vengeful thing to say besides that that is. Totally untrue because you'd take pride in being a good time I delighted I'd pay more child support -- as a required to by court. I do the kids' laundry had -- the -- -- are driving the school went from their parents would do their armor weapon. It's me with her resources. If I was a bad guy if you -- eighty million dollars wouldn't let the bad guy had your kids per day. Where would you fight him so it never has -- that those children again MI the villain that you're -- publicly castrate as she's doing currently in the press or -- the good dad. Because in a few weeks. She's gonna -- under the kids -- -- -- Full -- so which is make up your mind but he kept it off. Brinkley's attorney told us that she has full custody of the children and anything other than that is delusional. You did. Write a block to the daily news in response to their coverage on this I want to read back tees off what you ratsiraka. Christie Brinkley is far more concerned with the -- than our children. She is suing need to garner media attention for herself she's going on to a Chicago wants publicity any kind of publicity if they really think she's doing this for -- numerous Chicago -- -- I cannot see any other reason. Why you would do this you wrote also in this blog quote her Billy Joel's uptown girl music video fame faded long ago and the only thing left for her to -- media attention is to continue to publicize the tawdry details of her nasty divorce. Looking at your anger in this daily news blog it's easy to see why you might have fired something off that sounded. -- state -- be honest this sounds nasty from the outside -- -- and that is -- but I was pushed for that. -- -- The world was lied to him. Christie Brinkley was victim I'm being harassed his coming after me -- -- -- his department. Get all my life I didn't do anything to her I was not the grass Lenore was later -- the aggressor in those early emails since the same thing. I might become aggressive I'm aggressive here as -- angry. Do you think that in some respects. She's able to find a sympathetic ear in some corners because of the way your marriage ended because of that -- nasty divorce -- the revelations about. Your failure to that marriage. I I was punished -- thoroughly for my indiscretions in my marriage. Four years ago. And I don't think it's fair to -- me. Every year because the real victims and that's not me. It's it's the kids who have to have this we passed and brought back the public clients are necessary. I'm a good father I love my kids do you wish it hadn't settled in divorce court I absolutely do. And -- -- bothers me because I never got my side of the story out. Well he certainly is trying to get his side of the story out now Christie Brinkley did issue us a statement last night saying in part Peter Cook is the only -- to go on national television spewing sexist disgraceful demonstrably false lies. Which gives a taste of the bullying and harassment Cristi has had to endure. She goes on to accuse Peter Cook of going public with the smear campaign against her violating the divorce agreement confidentiality clauses. And something in our interview that he categorically denies he denies being the one who took this public. Both sides -- appear to be digging in -- bracing for yet another very angry public. Chapter in this divorce and by the way I asked and that daily news -- that event back to him. He does not regret it even though -- has scorched earth -- ago was about the children or teenagers you know I'm. -- -- they both appear to be so angry with each other right now but Peter takes great pride in being a great father he says he's never fallen short of his child support in -- -- pays almost double what the court ordered him to pay and that really apparently headed her when she accused of failing to pay child support but. You know all divorces are nasty and activities inside that -- -- inside that divorce and more on the outside looking in fortunately the cancer. Apparently her eyes but -- -- of those to the kids -- -- -- OK I didn't you I think to. Thank you is not -- had so much more tonight. On Nightline I can't imagine what -- there could be wow probably a few more chapters -- -- -- I'm sure there's so much.

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{"id":15866756,"title":"Peter Cook on His Christie Brinkley Divorce","duration":"7:04","description":"The model's ex-husband speaks exclusively to ABC about his messy divorce.","url":"/GMA/video/peter-cook-christie-brinkley-divorce-15866756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}