Sarsgaard on Reluctance to Tackle Chuck Traynor Role

Peter Sarsgaard discusses his roles in the two summer flicks, "Blue Jasmine" and "Lovelace."
3:18 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarsgaard on Reluctance to Tackle Chuck Traynor Role
Oh, george. I am here with peter skarsgard on a roll doing all kinds of great work. T the movie "blue jazzman" and different role in "lovelace." Take a look. You seem pretty good. Thanks. Do you ever think about doing that professionally? Yeah, right. Yeah. Dancing girls in vegas, they make 200 or 300 bucks a night. What? Some would pay that much to see me dance? I would. And peter skarsgard joins us now. I would. The charming man there. He ends up marrying linda lovelace, becomes a huge porn star. A pretty dark character. Yeah, I mean, it certainly was. You know, also my wife was pregnant when I was filming this. She was seven months pregnant. And you didn't want to do it in part for that reason. I didn't want to do it. I, you know, kept not turning it down though which my wife pointed outo me so I had to really, you know, think long and hard. Good thing she talked you into it. It is an intense and excellent movie. One of two coming out a little later this month. I just saw "blue jasmine." We saw cate blanchett. Isn't she amazing? So are you. You play the man who comes across -- who seems like the man who will rescue her for this fall she's been through. Yeah, I think he has a lot of the things that she lost at the beginning of her journey, at the beginning of the film, you know, sort of status and wealth and he seems like a way she might get that back. Playing across this oscar winning actress, cate blanchett and woody allen's script and minimal direction. He tells you, go do it. He says you have the most freedom and you do something, you can say whatever you want. You go out there and the thing is he also pdes brutal honesty. So you might go out and do whatever you want but he'll definitely come and tell you what he thought at the end. Just do it again. Yeah, he'll just say that wasn't good. Till you get it right. Yeah, yeah, but I mean he also does very few takes. It's not like he's looking for something specific. He's just looking for life aim wants it to seem free and easy. You were just telling me before we went on the air "the killing" was on last night. Another dark character but huge response. I'm excited about it. One reason I wanted to do it was bring attention to the death penalty and get people talking about it, you know, I think it's something very important to have in people's minds. And, you know, there's also the hunger strike going on in california right now with the prisoners at pelican bay, protesting solitary confinement and I just feel like if people can feel these issues versus read about them, then maybe they can make different choices. You certainly made people feel it. Congratulations on all the great work you're doing. "Lovelace" opens this week and "BLUE JASMINE" IN THEATERS RIGHT Test Text1

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{"id":19802817,"title":"Sarsgaard on Reluctance to Tackle Chuck Traynor Role","duration":"3:18","description":"Peter Sarsgaard discusses his roles in the two summer flicks, \"Blue Jasmine\" and \"Lovelace.\"","url":"/GMA/video/peter-sarsgaard-interview-actor-reluctance-tackle-chuck-traynor-19802817","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}