Peter Travers Spotlights Sundance Phenom 'Fruitvale Station'

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan discuss their new hit movie.
10:26 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Peter Travers Spotlights Sundance Phenom 'Fruitvale Station'
Field. Yeah parliament -- -- -- ring don't. He's all right were -- passes and has -- showing on this -- Where were -- friends that. -- my grandma known as. I see one of those problems right now yeah even that night and I think it's about kids -- -- Yeah. -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to the special edition of popcorn. You have just seen an intense scene. From what I think is an extraordinary movie called fruit -- station. A scene in which you're seeing a young man get a rested. And the arrest turns into something even more dramatic and tragic I -- fruit station at the Sundance Film Festival. In January with an audience that was on its feet. The second ended first there was a stunned silence and and then went. -- -- This is so intense a movie. That the actors who were in -- -- it. Even long after they'd finished acting the parts Michael B Jordan who I think you know from. His roles on the wire Friday Night Lights plays Oscar grant and plays it so well that people are talking about Academy Award for -- His mother is played by Octavia -- authority won an Academy Award for the help. And is also one of the executive producers of the movie she wanted to get this -- done. So I'm gonna shut up right now and let you hear the story of -- station. From the lips of Michael B Jordan and Octavia Spencer. Oscar grant it was. 22 years old and New Year's Eve 2008. Going into 2009. Which -- -- mother's birthday and he was killed by a Bart police officer. He was lying and prone position with his arms handcuffed behind his back. The officer shot him in said that he mistook his gun for today's -- And Oscar died and we are just kind of telling the last day of his life. When one of the unique situations about the stories. 2008. Veteran town -- -- -- So we'll be in record things up industries and -- it and -- the train passengers you know known as solos. Use this incident happening on the platform and the -- of the falls -- -- started recording. So -- record of the producers. And analysts went -- that is kind of started a war across the country needs and is there was it was a tragic tragic event and so is rough when. You know when this incident like this with the police. And machine. A person's character and drove to the -- Using one extreme or the other. You know. Please -- some pretty sure the image -- -- can seem like -- No credible -- animal -- quit you know every bad thing he might have done from the age four until today indeed it was going to be exposed an exaggerated says. To the maximum. -- other side probably you know people -- her -- is perfect picture of Oscar like he was complete -- that wasn't true either. And somewhere between his community got lost in Meehan right cool that we really -- You know. -- -- -- You know you can go with obvious -- in the race issues that are certain angle and all those. It was obvious points but we do women do that you know home -- -- -- audiences -- that Mexico like me. Among people. Look at themselves. A little bit you know how we treat when another. What I love about it is Brian -- doesn't paint an accusatory. Finger at police officers is not us against them. Sort of situation just as a retelling of this young man the last night Ryan is from the Bay Area and Ryan was contemporary. Oscar grant he's only 25. And he realized that the story needed to be told to be sort of -- healing balm. For that area and he did a lot of research he went and got some of the depositions. And and met with the family to get to OK that it was okay to tell the story and followed a lot of court documents in and decided that instead of writing on the streets he was going to two. Employ people in a different way and it's despite you know re he. Connecting people win Oscars humanity because he was a plot individual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The one. Racket mocking visiting Aaron -- sorry its it is mom's side is. You don't have to Sundance Film Festival. This movie crude -- station got a standing ovation cheers from the audience who were obviously very moved. But Michael B Jordan and Octavia Spencer knew who their harshest critics might be. They knew and they had a lot of trepidation about it because that would be Oscar's own family what would they think. When they -- at Sundance seeing this movie for the. First time. The most pressure house owners asset write -- I asked -- mom and the sister was in their sense gains on. -- -- And down. Moves over and -- the for the culinary. And who's open to loosen their eyes I was looking at the face dishonesty kind of like you know timely gauge you know what -- reaction of them are -- -- it. And Austin which is you know -- home loan. There's some scenes some points in the movie where I couldn't tell you from monster known thank you for doing and -- -- -- complete validation. It meet meet meet the movie -- different -- exit. Any critic don't care that's what I care about that was so important because you know his daughters -- and -- You know -- and and eyes when I don't let anybody down you know as it's it's a real person. And I and his capture a little little bit of his -- that and it -- To watch it and to see the body language and you know she was -- marine is saying well me and crying and just it was just like this is so. Tough because she's re living you know -- -- men's lives. But we did get their blessing like she she. Approved evident his family even sent last night that they didn't see Michael B Jordan -- there. They saw Oscar and that is the best. That you could hope for -- So -- -- station is a huge success at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a huge success at the Cannes Film Festival its opening around the country right now and getting tremendous reviews all around. So what does this mean for Michael B Jordan and Octavia Spencer she's won an Oscar already for the help. He's been on TV shows like Friday Night Lights and the wire he's been in a movie like chronicle. Is everything just gonna come easier to them now is do they have in -- kind of part that they want. I think you'll be surprised that their answers. It's changed my career. You know from the outset I knew there weren't going to be like. You know lot of roles that I would get to play. But I have the opportunity at least to meet on those roles but what -- the way it feels. That this was you know tailor made for me is -- marched in my own drowned. Anyway so this just means that I have to create my own music and I'm buying. You know creating my music I'm fine with that I it's a challenge it's fine it's scary. But you know what the platform to -- that whereas had it not been for. An amazing award season last year that I wouldn't even have the opportunity to be talking to you about from -- I doubt. It would have gone on to some other wonderfully gifted -- so it's change my career definitely I think. Always proved so -- is approved so I don't mind this -- -- work harder a lot of people definitely you know investments unit. You know what's for -- is forming I can't think anybody's lessons away from anybody else and they can't -- much -- so that's kind -- have to look at. -- It is their lack of rules you know through -- so definitely this those shoes you know quality. As there. Officer I didn't understand because -- that -- situation hazards auditions you know -- -- one going for it is you know cast during his wooden bullets because they just. See it one way in the Witten and just be open -- let me read you know also and that and that and that when -- -- here no -- it's so. Blindly judging is just -- it -- So you've heard from Michael B Jordan and you've heard from Octavia Spencer and you've heard about their experience making for infestation. Now it's up to you I'm a movie critic I can come out and tell you this is one of the best movies of the year because it is and that he should see it. But that's just people talking. This is a movie about people feeling so it's your turn now go out there do yourself -- favors the group -- station. And you know how to contact me here at popcorn. You can tell me your opinions I would really love to hear it but I think you will see this movie and you will be shaken by it and move by. How many times can say something like that.

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{"id":19645134,"title":"Peter Travers Spotlights Sundance Phenom 'Fruitvale Station'","duration":"10:26","description":"Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan discuss their new hit movie.","url":"/GMA/video/peter-travers-spotlights-sundance-phenom-fruitvale-station-19645134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}