Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Succeeds as Army Intelligence Officer

Rachel Washburn spent two tours of duty in Afghanistan on a special mission to help local women.
3:00 | 12/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Succeeds as Army Intelligence Officer
of an nfl cheerleader who went from the football field to the battle field as part of a special ops combat unit in afghanistan. The team that that she cheered before her service, philadelphia eagles will honor her service. Abc's linzie janis has her story. Reporter: This amazing young woman was leading a platoon of 22 in afghanistan just weeks ago and in an exclusive interview she tells why she decided to ditch her pom poms for a pistol. Just back from a second tour in afghanistan, this 25-year-old will be named hometown hero in a ceremony during tonight's philadelphia eagles game. In 2009, washburn gave up her career as a cheerleader for the team to become an officer in the u.S. Army. I was always going to join the military. They're not exactly the same. But both jobs require you to handle stress. Reporter: In college, she juggled both identities. When she came back, she didn't miss a beat. She knew all of the dances. She was doing everything. Reporter: But after graduation, her love of country won out. Washburn deployed to afghanistan in 2011 as part of a cultural support team, her mission -- winning the hearts and minds of women in afghanistan. Trying to create a bond with them was always our main objective. We talked a lot about head scarves and makeup sxwlr washburn and another female officer were attached to a special forces unit. She fought in a remote and dangerous mountain area, where two other female officers died. Their sacrifice just means so much to me and to other women. Reporter: Washburn said that she's following in her dad's foot steps, a retired air force fighter pilot. What she was doing was not safe. You don't want your own kid to go. Reporter: Washburn has a year left on her current military contract. Perhaps law school after that and a career as a human rights lawyer. What an inspiration. She has a boyfriend, dan. I know that you're married. That's not dangerous, given that I'm married. Not to worry, honey. Not to worry. She's remarkable. Thanks, linzie. Now to a moment of honesty followed by a moment of greed,

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{"id":21302305,"title":"Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Succeeds as Army Intelligence Officer","duration":"3:00","description":"Rachel Washburn spent two tours of duty in Afghanistan on a special mission to help local women.","url":"/GMA/video/philadelphia-eagles-cheerleaders-succeeds-army-intelligence-officer-21302305","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}