Miss World Focuses on Philippines Typhoon Relief

Megan Young represented the Philippines this year when she was crowned Miss World and is now giving back.
4:51 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for Miss World Focuses on Philippines Typhoon Relief
About the season and certainly. There's a reason to give editors global this point when typhoon hit the Philippines earlier this month it was. -- he will not one of the largest recorded storms in history. Causing a devastating amount of destruction thousands. Of lives lost to -- storms eleven million. People now left homeless they are -- And thankfully we have. A wonderful spokesperson working hard. To help. Her fellow Filipinos please help me welcome miss world in. -- -- Scott -- first off thank you think. You were born here in the US air that you moved to to the Philippines yes at a young age guessing -- to the Philippines and I was around ten I was born and Virginia. I went. There for like my elementary days. You know and I Alice asked ginger in the days leading up to these weather events whereas meteorologist -- these things forming. And you see what may be headed that way in those last. In those last -- days and hours for -- he saw was heading towards the Philippines what was it like to actually watch. I mean you don't really know -- -- there I mean obviously we. We don't a lot of people don't really know what a storm surge is that. The water will just come in and just it could wipe out Bay Area hadn't. With the house is that they -- sushi like -- the heights it's made out of you know the chance that aren't as sturdy as he would -- -- vulnerable yes and aside from the storm surge we also had winds that could be as strong as a tornado -- so you have at least two elements that coming together. And it's just wipes -- an area nobody had any idea. That it would free publicity that much damage to the area three times the force of Hurricane Katrina the winds and it's something that they -- -- -- that this the first. -- extent that he will deal with often accept I think people some people may have under estimated at -- Even -- -- -- that's -- -- -- maybe it you know it's just we've seen a stormy -- as red storm -- Fareed and it's passed us. But never did we imagine that it would be as soon. Terrorizing anything we said at that -- here I mean how old. How do people help because I've got that when you start reporting on -- that's the first thing people ask the people are good at it and nature of most books a ticket to Canada how what would be the best help we can do know from you and that would be greater than not just searching online to clean up -- like. I mean a lot of students obviously want to help and he may think that -- maybe. A dollar will be two men are five dollars and two that'll but actually. Five dollars can. -- a -- family. Water while rice supplies. For a good period of time and that is a lot I think a lot to them. And bacon EC just go to the website of Red Cross Philippines -- Red -- dot -- -- PH. They can see the details there on how they can donate themselves. It's that simple things like that that actually go along -- -- -- Obviously had this thrust upon -- spokesperson -- you can use your considerable. Exposure. Four the power of good what is it like for you personally be able. To do this and to travel to places like Haiti and where you actually narrowly avoided a building collapsed there it what what is what is it like -- -- how rewarding personally for me. Plus what it regards to Haiti we actually fell through the platform. Ten feet you can see the footage here is right before we are about to -- to that. And you know we -- there friend. They'll. Orphanage and -- orphanage you know it's not a -- it's not something that. You know would hold people in place of the actually felt they would twenty kids for the organizers of -- -- and I'm to people that. They had to have surgery because of that and you know it makes you realize -- -- -- snap making that happen -- of the Philippines. Peter and it snapped the water was just rising and -- people -- even know how to get get out of the house says they didn't know whether to go out RT don't. -- their rooms or go find some others should shop check it makes you realize that things can happen in just a second. But what can we deal I mean it's it's. It's just to help out when things like that happens. Well we appreciate you coming by and it certainly. There's were just beginning obviously and yes. Will continue for long long time thinking -- -- -- -- -- and again we want to tell you to find out more. About in this world organizations beating the purpose charity and of course to help. The relief efforts suffered in the -- -- -- to miss world dot com you can also help out again red cross and dot org slash. PET action in making -- much -- here yeah yeah.

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{"id":20935869,"title":"Miss World Focuses on Philippines Typhoon Relief","duration":"4:51","description":"Megan Young represented the Philippines this year when she was crowned Miss World and is now giving back.","url":"/GMA/video/philippines-typhoon-relief-miss-world-megan-young-2013-20935869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}