Photo Fanatics Follow Latest Craze By Taking 'Selfies' at Funerals

ABC's Dan Abrams on the trend blowing up on the Internet, phone apps.
5:40 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Photo Fanatics Follow Latest Craze By Taking 'Selfies' at Funerals
You are going to give us your unvarnished opinion on really hot topics, dan. I hope so. Let's start out. First on the docket, selfies at funerals. A page on tumblr has been creating an uproar. Selfies snapped before and after memorial services, by what was called in one article, the young and seemingly clueless. Some of them are tasteless. But how are we to say how people are going to grieve? I have no problem with people, particularly kids, taking pictures at funerals, of themselves. Of themselves. Not taking it with the casket? Some of them -- I have a problem with that. Yeah. I strongly disagree. Why? That's not how you grieve. That's not how you grieve. Certain social mores. The teens these days, that's how they live their lives. Document it. You want to document the flowers or a beautiful message on the bouquet. Even if you -- it is undoubtedly the worst time on someone's life right there at that moment. I know that people have different relationships. And some people come to the funerals and barely know the person. Don't go to the funeral. Let the people be if the people that will sincerely love and miss them. What if it's the son or daughter of the person, though? I'm with you, dan. I'm with you. Everybody grieves in their own way. That- it seems insensitive. Lauren, what's wrong with people. This is not "weekend at bernie's" where the guy's a prop. I'm with you. Exactly. Michelle on twitter. Chances are, family and friends, you haven't seen in a while will be there. Celebrate life. She and I are in the minority on that. Next on the docket, new york city raised the legal age for to buy cigarettes, from 18 to 21. 18 to drive. 18 to vote. To go in the military. And smokes, can't buy them until 21? We know smoking is deadly. Outlaw it. Why wouldn't you try to prevent -- so is war. So is driving a car. Those are things -- it's just different. I have to back dan up. If you can go fight a war for this country, you should be able to buy cigarettes. Our poll, not surprising, the new york city raising the legal age, yes, 68%. 32% said no. On facebook, drinking and smoking age, should be 18. Hold enough to serve your country, pay taxes, do whatever is legal if you can afford it. The last thing we need are more laws. Enough trying to control everyone. That comes from a nonsmoker. There's so much medical proof that we know for sure, if we can help prolong -- they start younger. I think that voting, you can't compare voting and buying a pack of smokes. I'm so sorry. I don't know. You're very passive today. I want to be your new nancy. A young woman blogging about -- I'm trying to get -- you are. Go for it. Go for it. This is my favorite topic. We'll get on this one. A young woman blogging about her adventurous serial dating, with one goal in mind. To fulfill my restaurant hit list. And there's a, quote, dating site, for food lovers where women are taken out to their favorite restaurants. I say, if the guys are dumb enough, more power to the women. These are people who are laying out what their goals are. This woman is publicly saying, this is why I'm doing it. If this guy wants to take her out -- I don't agree, my friend. Lara, go. There's another name for that. I don't think so. I don't think that's very nice. And what if the guy doesn't read that blog. And agagenuinely thinking she likes him. Isn't that using or worse? When my mom was in college, she couldn't afford. And she would wait for my dad, to see him go to the cafeteria and bump into him. And he was such a gentleman, he would pay for her meal. There, the goal was to flirt, right? Yeah. But they got married. So -- and I'm here. It worked out. Here's the point -- I think I'm with -- if you really think it's true love, i think it is a buyer beware. Buyer of the dinner. I do. You need to be -- what does twitter say? I would not encourage my daughter to do that. I would not. I'm not encouraging. Not encouraging. I'm just -- it's okay. On first dates, I deliberately order from the kid's meal section. Date etiquette says the date must order the same. She keeps it cheap. Karen on facebook, a date for a free meal? No. Someone had to work hard to earn that money. If you can't afford your own meal, stay home. People are announcing they're doing this to get free meals. If the guys are going to take them -- if they're up front about it. It's hard to be upfront. How did you meet? I started by telling him I had no interest and going on my restaurant hit list. I don't know. But, dan, it's been fun disagreeing with you. I love "the jury's out."

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{"id":20751697,"title":"Photo Fanatics Follow Latest Craze By Taking 'Selfies' at Funerals ","duration":"5:40","description":"ABC's Dan Abrams on the trend blowing up on the Internet, phone apps.","url":"/GMA/video/photo-fanatics-follow-latest-craze-taking-selfies-funerals-20751697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}