Photographer Takes 200 Photographs of Doppelgangers

Francois Brunelle has traveled the world to find and photograph strangers who look like long-lost twins.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for Photographer Takes 200 Photographs of Doppelgangers
We'd like to believe as individuals we're all unique. We'd like to believe that. But there's a photo project that is putting that theory to the test. A photographer traveled the world uncovered hundreds of people who aren't related but look at this. That's amazing. They look like twins. Bianna golodryga is here with more on these stunning pictures. These are great. They are. Watch those two, it's incredible. Good morning, everyone. Chances are at least once in your life you've heard the word, hey, has anyone ever told you look like such-and-such. For one photographer it set off a mission that created a whole new world of dead ringers. At first glance, the people in these photos look like sets of twins but they're not. These pictures now going viral are of complete strangers. The man who has all of us seeing double is canadian photographer francois bruenell in a project called "i'm not a likealike." They would have the shock of confronting their own identity with somebody else. Reporter: Over the last 14 years he has photographed over 200 pairs of donele gangers. Including 17-year-old high school friend who found the experience to be surreal. It was pretty shocking because we didn't think that we looked that much alike and then we saw the photo we were like wow, we actually do like related. I'm mexican and haitian and I'm puerto rican and african-american. It's just weird how different ethnicities could have the same structure. Reporter: Our looks are determined by over 21,000 genes, half we get from our mother and half from our father. The result is a seemingly random combination of how those genes decide to express themselves once they get together. So how is it that two complete strangers can look so much alike. There have been no major studies about the doppelganger phenomenon. Asked whose it is, his project is not just artistic. It's also a way of bringing people together. My goal is to show what can be attained if we just relax and sit side by side and put our arm around the shoulder of our friend or even if we don't know him or her. So you saw that photographer, remember early in nye intro i said he was confused for somebody else. It was mr. Bean. People always thought he looked just like mr. Bean. His trick he does them all in black and white. That way you don't have complexions and skin tones. Facial structures were incredible. I know. If one more person calls me halle berry -- I know. If you hear it once you hear it a thousand types. Great. That's great.

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{"id":21554632,"title":"Photographer Takes 200 Photographs of Doppelgangers","duration":"3:00","description":"Francois Brunelle has traveled the world to find and photograph strangers who look like long-lost twins.","url":"/GMA/video/photographer-takes-200-photographs-doppelgangers-21554632","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}