Picture of Wife Carrying Legless Marine Goes Viral

Jesse Cottle met his wife in the hospital recovering from IED injuries in Afghanistan.
2:42 | 08/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Picture of Wife Carrying Legless Marine Goes Viral
Check out this shot. And then, listen up to the love story behind it. It has so many people talking. And it will make you smile. They look like any cute couple in love. And at first glance, you may not even notice why this photo has so many around the world buzzing. But take a closer look. And you'll see, kelly, giving a piggyback ride to husband, jes jesse, a double-amputee. Four years earlier, the former marine lost both legs in afghanistan. It was all caught on video, by a fellow marine wearing a helmet cam. You're going good. You're in good shape. If I wouldn't have stepped on that ied, I don't think I would have met her. I wouldn't take it back, ever. Reporter: After spending months recovering in the hospital, jesse met his future wife, kelly, in san diego, during one of his first outings with his new prosthetic legs. His personality and who he is outweighs his injuries by so much, that it just -- you sort of forget about it after a while. Reporter: Recently, they took a trip to visit kelly's family in boise, idaho, where they decided to have a family portrait taken. Some suggested to take photos in the water. I was carrying jesse back to get his legs. And the photographer was like, we'll get a couple of shots with you together. Reporter: The photographer posted the picture to her facebook page, where it went wildly viral. Where it wracked up thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and countless comments. All in all, the couple's strength and resilience in the face of adversity. I look at the photo very much as a symbol, pretty much, for our whole relationship in general. I mean, she's physically carrying me. But, man, there's times when she's carrying me emotionally. It's a perfect representation of who kelly is. Thanks for sharing their story with us and with you. Loved it. It turns out their moms knew each other. They were this a bible study group together. And they may have had a little something to do with setting them up. But congratulations. I know you two just celebrated your first wedding anniversary ON AUGUST 18th. They were kind enough to send us this exclusive interview, eating their wedding cake. Happy anniversary and many, many, many more. And thank you for your service. My goodness. How enormous. Couple of the year.

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{"id":20079041,"title":"Picture of Wife Carrying Legless Marine Goes Viral","duration":"2:42","description":"Jesse Cottle met his wife in the hospital recovering from IED injuries in Afghanistan.","url":"/GMA/video/picture-wife-carrying-legless-marine-viral-20079041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}