Pie of Emeril's Eye: Pumpkin Custard, Pecan Pies

Emeril Lagasse prepares favorite recipes, including banana cream and pecan pies.
4:50 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Pie of Emeril's Eye: Pumpkin Custard, Pecan Pies
Recipes and stories behind them to our high of -- -- challenge on Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo!. And you can give up we'll write you but this morning I get the deal of the banking what they're -- who's here with three that's all time favorites and people have been -- you. But they're forgetting to put the -- so excited about the story it's like -- gonna have the recipe. -- I coming in by the truckload. The government really hasn't seasonal by the first of all -- show -- most table weekdays on hallmark. It's been so much fun right now and a lot of fun doing my -- tell you. -- -- just get the hang out with me and we hook -- -- -- and we just. Talk about food and have a good time gap. Let's -- time watching it is let's go and we are gonna make a couple applies here to get people examples of some seasonal bias let me first OK -- this -- the traditional pumpkin part. That time of the year you want to get small -- -- You know not that big not the big you wanna get the small ones -- -- those -- -- regular apply crushed you can -- store -- or make it. And what we're gonna do Robin assistant and a little winded. And what we're gonna do is we can -- it. We get fancy whatever but what we wanted that was one of the -- big distance call blindness what is it wouldn't take speaking think reflect the fox paid for Fannie. You need to do weight to what I just uses -- -- -- Governor Bob for about ten to fifteen minutes that it gets nice and golden brown and all of you move on to the silliness that question when it comes -- We know if you want you if you aren't sure of the stability in question. You can always take a little egg white this is another secret rush to -- When it comes out of the -- and that -- seal shield and it really nothing's gonna go through the question Rawlins out of the -- -- -- -- lineup after the -- -- double gonna take for eggs. What was this and if you wanna give me the dream out and asked them to hurry and then her grandchildren -- doc brown sugar. -- this -- we'll get that out there. Hasn't been cleared out well it's -- little -- here dialogue you know. Bright light brown sugar per right now all of us twice as we have. We have -- We have ginger and we have cinnamon we have not make and we have a little cock Ottoman. And what -- party could also -- to -- sweet potato it's all about the spices and smell. I do like yeah not what we're gonna do this gets -- -- be put in the need at least 75 -- -- vacant for about 55 minutes sixty minutes or so get nice and golden brown. So that's the pump compartment. Not. In this country it's unbelievable how many people have so -- disease which is a global problem. So what we're gonna do to make -- gluten free fight question you get the rest behind -- dot com. Potato starch we have rice flour tapioca flour and sent them -- shortening. And water. Those together -- cold water just like a regular pie crust you're gonna probable and free. Art and I don't want to lose -- gluten. Out went -- wouldn't lose what -- most instability inside of it that's understand the -- comes and that is He gives it more flexibility you see just like that how. How it's like applied yeah it's very simple that you can just precedents are that you -- -- I have right here but you don't lose the flavor you don't lose the flavor so not only got to do little vinegar and salt bananas well. It's not -- -- gonna do is take corn syrup. Almond extract. -- -- long brown sugar and white and golf and we'll get to make this film which -- melted butter wow and in this that's the good stuff goes right here that's. -- -- -- -- Not what we have here again 170 -- -- fifteen minutes 55 minutes. We're gonna have a gluten free crush right there as a book on part. My favorite. How was that George banana cream pie yeah unbelievable. I want an Israeli it is so good -- -- three times already extremely. The whole thing I -- whole thing about this is who's really you Romans -- Okay. Josh -- all come and gone. -- -- How you can get all recipe -- Yeah OK. Yeah.

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{"id":14786180,"title":"Pie of Emeril's Eye: Pumpkin Custard, Pecan Pies","duration":"4:50","description":"Emeril Lagasse prepares favorite recipes, including banana cream and pecan pies.","url":"/GMA/video/pie-emerils-eye-pumpkin-custard-pecan-pies-14786180","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}