Pierce Brosnan Returns to Big Screen in 'The November Man'

The actor discusses playing a retired CIA agent, comparing it to playing Bond, James Bond.
5:17 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Pierce Brosnan Returns to Big Screen in 'The November Man'
? Yeah, you know him as James bond. I go back to "Recommending continue Steele." Yeah. Meet "The November man." You know who we're talking about. Pierce Brosnan, back on the big screen playing a spy for the first time since those days as 007. It's a pleasure to have you here in the studio with us, pierce. Thank you, robin. Good morning. Good morning to you. Yes. Watched it last night and I said the biggest compliment I saw it on the screen or at home going to watch it on the big screen when it cops out a couple of weeks. It's one of those popcorn movies. You not only star in it you produced it. I produced it with my partner. After "Goldeneye" looked like it would be a success I formed a company to make manufactures and create my own projects and this is one of them. We've -- this "Thomas crown" and "Matador" and chip away. This one took about five years in the making. Bill Granger wrote these wonderful books and we optioned book number seven, there are no spies and you have now "The November man." It was worth the wait. It was worth the wait. You got to slip back into that spy role. That again re has been very good to you. It has paid the rent. It has put the kids through school. It's been very good to me, I must say. You know, bond, my days as bond were magical and it's the gift that keeps giving. And, you know, it has allowed me to create my own company and make my own movies so just a blessing. Just nothing but great today for it all. You're full of gratitude. This one as I was saying, yeah, it's a big cat and mouse kind of caper and suspense and but it has heart and added is your protege. You trained your wrote day and go into retirement and you're brought back and go head to head with the young man that you helped create. Well, we found this wonderful actor Luke Bracey who plays mason and that was the appeal of the story. And we are actually going to make another one, relativity, our studio signed us up again because they loved the movie so much. If this continues on Luke Bracey could be push this young man out there and do his thing. We'll let people take a look and they will decide too. Here it is, "The November man." I don't get you, Devereaux. Take your shot. Tempting. Give away my position, though. Always willing to die for the cause, hey, mason? ? Here's the enemy. You taught me that. I haven't finished teaching you yet, son. Here I am about to take you down all the same. You're not going to take me down, kid. Oh, yeah, you still had some tricks up your sleeve there. Good, well, one should. Never let it go. We had a lot of interest on you on social media as always and someone, coco from Facebook asks this, how does this new character, you are playing compare to the James bond role you played in the past? Well, they're both agents, but the character that I play, peter Devereaux "The November man" is pretty workman like. There's no gadgets, you know, there's no one-liners, witty one-liners and yet same actor, different characters, same kind of spy danger, guns. All that. That keeps us coming back again and again and really when you look at the Bledsoe of your work and the different things you've done including "Mrs. Doubtfire". Right. And you, pierce, what you said about robin Williams on instagram was incredibly moving. He really touched you. He did. He touched me. His passing last week just cut to the quick as I think has done with all of America and the world. He was such a wonderful man. Such a human man. Such a kind fellow and just, you know, made the world joyous. I love how you said how the first time that you met him in the trailer Mrs. "Mrs. Doubtfire" and he was -- when you went into the trailer. Ridiculous. Yeah, it was the veryfirst day of shooting and they said do you want to meet robin. I said, of course. Went in the trailer and there was robin kind of ugg boots and shorts, hairy legs and hawaiian shirt and hairy arms. He was a hairy dude, you know, and there was the head of Mrs. Doubtfire. Hello, pierce, you're so handsome. Ooh, look at you. Come over here and sit with me. You know. So you met robin and Mrs. Doubtfire all at the same time. I really worked with Mrs. Doubtfire. It wasn't until the end of the movie that robin popped his head in at the end and said we did it. Oh, robin, there you are because I get to work every day and he'd be in the makeup. Oh, well, thank you for sharing those thoughts. I know it's very personal and you have a lot going on. These movies, family. It's a good time to be you. Yeah, my son is getting married at the end of the week, Sean and his girl Sonia so big heart, big love, the whole clan is here. Well, you are a delight. Wish you all the best going forward and you can see "The November man". It opens nationwide next Wednesday, August 27th. You'll see my face in the place,

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{"id":25049816,"title":"Pierce Brosnan Returns to Big Screen in 'The November Man'","duration":"5:17","description":"The actor discusses playing a retired CIA agent, comparing it to playing Bond, James Bond.","url":"/GMA/video/pierce-brosnan-returns-big-screen-november-man-25049816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}