Pinterest: The Hottest New Social Network

How to get the most out of the pinning craze.
4:42 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pinterest: The Hottest New Social Network
It's called pay interest and it's hot new social work on the -- but -- popularity -- story is set to -- it's like Friendster and MySpace. Social network -- -- Megan Peters as the community manager from fashionable cottage -- here to tell us. How to get the most out of interest and -- and predatory harried parent so quickly explain what interest is for people who have never used it how does -- work for for those who buy yet -- guy again. Yes so -- is really fun it's basically an image based sharing -- so. Any thing that you share on the society. If passed to have an image here -- so that could be a link from a website a lot of people are sharing recipes for example -- -- find. -- PM maybe -- recipes dot com that has a picture of the debts. You would Tenet. And it would show that picture from the web site and then link out to about recipe that you found. Sort of like virtual bulletin board if you're -- -- -- is -- picture you love you -- outages pin it on your board and here really just. Clicking a button and -- it. To your board virtual machine right exactly they -- even how it's organized you create things called can boards that have different topics. So for example you might have -- and -- for -- recipes or maybe for party planning ideas. And you can categorize these different. Images that you find based and what ever topic they relate -- -- so someone can't use this. On a few -- effort tons of different reasons I know a lot of people can use it for her wedding planning. Heard. For recipes as well as a huge line. Really anything bears just. Tons of different things that you could use it for and I think that just the way it's organized. Really appeals to people because it does really work -- your mind works where you know you see something. A bowel you know -- invitations you want to remember but you're not planning a party then -- you kind of file an -- later. -- create you know your party planning board and story embarrassed that you -- go back to that website when you actually need it. Which is really really useful and it's just a ton of fun because people love looking at pictures and there's tons of pictures. Floating -- the Internet. That people are just going crazy over on -- Tell -- about how brands are using so I want to use this to really -- build my business -- my Brandon tell me about some of the ways that can do acts. Yes so what I mean lots of brands are on it using -- lots of different -- whole foods is doing a really good job actually they. -- tons of different. Dishes that you can create. A lot of stuff -- -- obviously because that's what they do. But they also even have a whole board dedicated to the philanthropy efforts where they talk about. You know charity and why they donate to the organization that they do and why that's important. Then you see. A site like real simple magazine does a ton of stuff because this is just their bread and butter and -- and people love sharing. Things about design interior decorating. And party planning which is really. What -- -- all about they have classic tax and 43 boards which is -- time. So they're really all over -- and name brands are just. Using it to build communities around their -- -- in a different way which is really exciting. Which is some of any size business can -- as examples to do that I -- so finally gestured out as -- here this day. I think so I mean had some really tapped. Into sending different ending the design is so bad and it's the first network I've seen in awhile that's actually caught on -- Kind of year average users were as. There are people who just are all about social media tend to get on all of them like -- -- Twitter and Google+. Whereas you know kind of your average. Internet person isn't really all over that but I've seen people on this network fat. You know and Blake never to have nothing to do -- the web on a regular basis. They're just kind of casual. Users. But they have really really taken a liking to and I think because about it and really has a place in the social networking -- RA will leave it there thanks so much meg and hear a lot of -- that everybody should have at -- to. Pitchers dot com -- start picking an -- --

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"How to get the most out of the pinning craze.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15394957","title":"Pinterest: The Hottest New Social Network","url":"/GMA/video/pinterest-hottest-social-network-15394957"}