Pinterest Skyrockets in Popularity

The social bookmarking site is a fast-growing trend among adult women.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Pinterest Skyrockets in Popularity
One of the things I want to do for robin and that I love to do is give fun ideas and creative pictures. I'm constantly ripping out new pictures, you are, as well, of a new recipe, notion, design. Now there's a whole new way to do this. It's wacalled pinterest. It's not tech-savvy teens soaring the success. It's grownups. Looking for a little inspiration. It's got the stylings of martha stewart. Tori spelling's preferred dwellings. The curiosities of katie couric and recently, reese witherspoon couldn't stop talking about. It's a collection of the most amazing wonderful craftiness on earth. Reporter: There's a whole lot of interest in pinterest. It's ease of use and entertainment value. Reporter: What is it? It's a spoeshl media site that allows people to share. Request membership, pin it. And begin. It's your ticket to endless eye candy. I'm addicted to the site. As soon as I started using it, I wanted to use it all the time. Reporter: Christina and mya are two powerhouse pinners. They each have thousands of images pinned. I would secretly tear something out of a magazine when no one else was looking. Now it's fantastic that I don't have to do that anymore. Reporter: She's amassed a following in the millions. She uses pinterest from everything to cure rating high fashion to showing people what she wants for her birthday. People ask me what do you like? It's like, here, here's a link. Reporter: She created a wedding board to plan her day. It was overwhelming to start planning my wedding. After a couple of months of developing this wedding board, i got great sense of what I wanted and what I really wanted that day to look like. These are my actual wedding shoes. Which I found on pinterest. Reporter: Maya found this to be a perfect platform for getting herself out there. I found clients who had a bid and were looking for a new graphic designer and happened to see me. Reporter: She's not the only one. Even michelle obama and ann romney are hoping you pay a visit and like what you see. You can get an extra dose of our interests on the "gma" pinterest page. You don't need that many words. Images speak for themselves. And you can check out our pinterest page. It's at pinterest.Com/gma. We have one of our all-time favorite recipes on there. Emeril's chicken and waffles. Coming up, chef richard brownfrom

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The social bookmarking site is a fast-growing trend among adult women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17086086","title":"Pinterest Skyrockets in Popularity","url":"/GMA/video/pinterest-social-bookmarking-website-skyrockets-popularity-17086086"}