Has Pippa Found a New Love?

Some claim Kate Middleton's sister is dating the Duke of Northumberland's son.
2:28 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Has Pippa Found a New Love?
And Kate's -- -- above the one grabbing headlines today the world's most popular bachelorette. Off the market. ABC news contributor Duncan -- -- are also royal editor for Britain's the sun newspaper. Joins us for some explicit details to have you on this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thank -- so this -- -- Intel also a bit more about him. -- -- papers the most eligible bachelorette in the world from that famous picture that area of the wedding. But. -- she's now dating. -- cold oh George Percy who is litre from one of the most historic. And the new bloodied family lines as possible. And peace comes with a bonus for -- that is the console which is the sets -- for Hochul -- Harry Potter films only console side. His father and this is footsteps so a big known each other for awhile haven't yet -- -- investing their -- investing. -- the united they've always said that a good friend since then it was spits -- with. Long term boyfriend to stuff for the -- whipping -- that. She was -- -- -- Prince Harry apparent that upsets him so I won't get guys are like that here that felt like that too much. -- around but it's already seen to be perhaps a little serious. Well in England sometimes that -- mother Carole Middleton full -- this has been accused of being a little bit of a social climb up on she's not watching -- say this morning -- trouble. But like sick and now she faces the very real prospect of having -- dutchess tortoise in the family because the -- -- If he becomes he will become -- -- -- and that will -- picked up. Duchess we have a family fortune five 400 wow dollars -- -- let's -- that better but -- attention let's talk about at the Sister Kate this is her month February -- -- Duncan. It is what we've seen from -- -- follies type the beautiful smile. What we see this month is she's gonna start doing first sight of engagement supporting taxes just like Diana would have done. And so I think we will learn more about -- perhaps in the next 34 weeks than we've learned in the last year. She's been so gracious -- mean everything that she has done and and the queen really has never given an interview. Neither the Kuwaiti news -- -- -- well it'll be -- if Prince Charles and he becomes consumer that he advocates and NTS moment. That night the queen's. -- that if that mysterious figure we've done really ignited the queen -- but we arrived yes we did all right thank -- have a great weekend here in statesmen appreciate.

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{"id":15505523,"title":"Has Pippa Found a New Love?","duration":"2:28","description":"Some claim Kate Middleton's sister is dating the Duke of Northumberland's son.","url":"/GMA/video/pippa-middleton-found-love-15505523","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}