Pippa Middleton prepares for high-profile wedding

2:36 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Pippa Middleton prepares for high-profile wedding
It is time now for our big board and big weekend for the Royals, six years after pippa Middleton served as maid of honor in her sister Kate's wedding to prince William she is set to tie the knot in a storybook ceremony. ABC's lama Hasan is outside kensington palace. Good morning,lama. Give us details. Reporter: Good morning. I can tell you this. This is probably as close as we're going to get to a royal wedding of sorts unless you know who, prince Harry, decides to propose to his American girlfriend Meghan Markle. Anyway, back to pippa's big day and what some are calling the wedding of the year because it's finally here on Saturday she'll be walking down the aisle with her hedge fund millionaire fiance in a quaint 12th century church. St. Mark's church with big starring roles from nephew and niece prince George and princess Charlotte. We're expecting about 100 guests to watch the two tie the knot then, of course, it's party time and the reception due to take place at the middletons' family home feverishly finalizing thing putting up this glass marquee complete with lavish loos, toilets, complete with these amazing glass marquees and, of course, this is fit for royalty. She could get a job as a wedding planner. That is really good. Seems like you set it all up. You mentioned the royal family will be there. Who else is on the guest list. Reporter: Absolutely, Michael. It is a royal affair. The duke and duchess of Cambridge will be there along with their kid, prince George and princess Charlotte, prince Harry will be there and expected to be on his arm is his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, which would be a huge endorsement and despite the reports that pippa has enforced this no ring, no bring policy. If you don't have a ring on your finger you're not coming to the ceremony. What? Bride and groom's family. Back up with that. Reporter: We are expecting -- What is that even mean? Reporter: Yeah, those are the rumors. Can you believe it. Yes, no ring, no bring to the ceremony. Supposed to be intimate so I guess they're trying to cut down on numbers. We are expecting Meghan to be there. A huge endorsement and rumored also to be there is tennis ace Roger Federer so it's going to be an interesting guest list to say the least. No ring no bring. A new one on this side of the pond. Girlfriend, I'm going. You got to stay home.

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