Pippa Middleton Spurs Booty Pad Sales

Booty Pads are the hot new way to enhance your derriere.
4:38 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Pippa Middleton Spurs Booty Pad Sales
I thought I had a triple the fish is the world's most famous mister deeds. -- -- Had a right now may be the world's most in demand single woman after recent split with her longtime boyfriend now there's a new way to get -- look she's famous for. Without going underneath it and didn't come to Michigan senior in the eighties and ninety should they don't have really -- -- -- to Apple's top and I didn't give. What we're talking about bees and they are beauty -- Robin as a sign up sheet that we can show definitely would like to take some home. These -- -- enhancements are all the rage in the UK sales increased by 10% immediately after the royal wedding. And now -- taking off here in America the sellers of these things say their phone started ringing off the hook. All because of the world's most famous maid of honor. It's right up there with the greatest assets in history -- part. So move -- -- tiny -- as much attention as the royal wedding itself its -- side. It's about the perk factor. She has that beautiful -- It just looks so -- it's like a little peach the he -- become the apple of everyone's life of his -- is now so -- rage people will do anything together a special gym workouts this woman even had surgery called the -- -- -- -- Can really feel amazing. I had -- the resolve. It -- beautiful it feels great I feel sexy but it's going under the knife isn't for you how about the latest craze -- underpants. It was like Frederick's of Hollywood are taking your booty from Venice to -- One Texas company even named one of its Turkey -- -- that -- -- during a royal wedding -- -- ringing off the hook. -- can you make that happen for me. And we -- the mail order. Company field -- dot com has clients from aged eighteen to 81 and seriously. And provides them with an array of -- buildings like -- which had. Lip and a half an inch of removable foam padding its Beyonce to extra inches of padding in the shape of that read -- dairy air. And everything in between. Designed to add curves in all the right places -- -- did here but the uplift usually reserved for patted rods there's even genes that do the same -- now it's all about the duty. And the reason for that it because skinny opinions changed little pencil skirts. All of these different fashions have informed the full leather industry. Kept saying to women hey -- he better perk up that I thought. Thirty year old Megan CN go wearers feel proxies top seller -- Has made of silicone for the look and feel of a real booty lifting her -- from Venice to. That's why -- anywhere but patton's. Now it's just kind of fun for me it's just something that -- spies have been held head and more than anything -- gives confidence. What kind of reaction you get prevent it. From -- -- -- an idyllic America news. They are definitely a head turner for men guys catches -- check it looks good. That's. But what happens when the clothes come off whatever thy word. -- like you partially for your behind and then. Later if I thought I wasn't. Unfortunately. I'm feeling I have enough behind him out of -- And -- and he is expected that. It would be another time that I met up again and then I would be wearing and false advertising -- women are embracing their padded -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Time you've -- let's just get that truck. RA will cost -- pennies they range from nineteen to 45 dollars and then. These genes from Frederick's of Hollywood actually have built in what patsy can -- men -- you can take amount. When it's convenient. Doesn't -- they're nice and -- these are 66 dollars. Any candidate you wonder how they feel -- -- prep person -- think I was includes. Gets around a little bit but I construction work goes yeah they said it looked like that woman had Colombian but lessons what will be the next.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Booty Pads are the hot new way to enhance your derriere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15046583","title":"Pippa Middleton Spurs Booty Pad Sales","url":"/GMA/video/pippa-middleton-spurs-booty-pad-sales-15046583"}