Pittsburgh Hostage Taker Posts on Facebook

Online friends try to intervene, help police negotiators end situation.
3:00 | 09/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pittsburgh Hostage Taker Posts on Facebook
now to how technology could have spelled disaster inside a skyscraper in downtown pittsburgh. As police negotiators tried to talk down a man holding a hostage inside an office. The suspect was posting updates on his facebook page where his friends tried to intervene. Rob lson is here with more on this bizarre story. Reporter: It is bizarre. Good morning, guys. A mix offer the enand technology, as a former military man seemingly snapped, leaving a trail of disturbing status updates along the way. Outside this downtown pittsburgh office building, a routine friday morning suddenly turned into chaos. Panicked employees evacuated, streets closed, and an army of police cars out front. One girl was crying. One man was in there, thinking they were getting robbed. You know how there was just pandemonium. Reporter: Inside this man, 22-year-old klein michael taxton, had walked in about 8:00 a.M., Claiming to have a bomb and a gun, and taking a company ceo hostage. The incident triggered a six-hour ordeal, with negotiators trying to talk thaxton down. And in a bizarre twist, the suspect's emotional turmoil plaid out onfacebook. Thaxton posted, this life I'm living right now, I don't want anymore. I've lost everything. And I ain't getting it back. The post prompted others to send messages of hope, including one woman who wrote, there's always a storm before a blessing. It's never as bad as it seems. It is showing that people are concerned about his well-being. eporter: EVEN THAXTON'S Mother was baffled by the incident. I don't know. Like I said, I want my son -- Reporter: The drama eventually ended peacefully and without injury, as thaxton, a former army private, surrendered to police. According to published reports, the young man has a criminal background and a history of mental troubles. Police eventually took down thaxton's facebook page, calling the posts distractions, as negotiators tried to coax the man back from the breaking point. It's a blessing that no one was injured. No life was taken. Reporter: During the standoff, more than 700 of thaxton's friends responded to his posts, which were made using the hostage's own computer and iphone. At one point, the police chief said the names of those who had responded on facebook were noted. And that if things had turned out badly, some may have been held partially responsible. That's a warning to nose who chime in. The police are watching and monitoring facebook, as well.

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{"id":17297917,"title":"Pittsburgh Hostage Taker Posts on Facebook","duration":"3:00","description":"Online friends try to intervene, help police negotiators end situation.","url":"/GMA/video/pittsburgh-hostage-taker-posts-facebook-17297917","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}