Which Style of Pizza Is Your Favorite?

You know New York and Chicago style, but what about Neapolitan and Romana?
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Which Style of Pizza Is Your Favorite?
The big show earlier as we mentioned. We -- Collison and we -- we saw up to win pizza goes horribly horribly wrong. -- -- at how well above. Maureen how -- masterpieces. And in the war excess and we welcome to look Bruno this spot below. Equipment opposite is true. Classics. It's well let's let Steve take us through take us through again -- the -- pizza -- there on jobs. And we try eighties is -- on the Super Bowl Sunday with Obama -- which is awesome having competed and having defeated. Cameron mathison on John I don't know I would say. It remains a favorite -- a good -- The odds so the New York style we don't hear about the styles -- we know Chicago's like -- the official stance is new York -- Chicago mean we have Romano that's making -- -- -- every major US city and of course Neapolitan DeVon -- We would fired on him. But that's enemy Naples and Italian but that's -- that I mean you look -- what can you imagine and adding if the hotter the better because you get that little so are there. Outside but it's you it's hard to educate a romance is on it because you know there is a charming people think that only pizza might be Bakhtiar it's a wet style of the man. You have to get used to. But it's it's one of the best -- out -- pockets of working across a let's further monitor is mentioned it's -- this pizza Romani is cloaked in the steel pan. And if if you guys did not steal Israeli and a lot of public companies right now are designing their decks. It took -- on steel cut this DT here is -- is that is a very very flavorful Christina. Very digest it and Intel is that so what this is here is this is this is a mother don't but I think that kept alive for about a year from about -- geeky on you right. I'm still per year well it's you have defeated alike why use a check this -- What I did was -- in that I was in the wild and I and I came across this alchemy plant. And I did the linen cloth they need to get that due out but he has a while you -- -- there that feeds. Now that night. Creates carbon dioxide which gives the -- rise so. This mother goes what goes into -- Axl at like a legend when -- anywhere in the -- part of that I -- -- attended -- mountains in Italy. Stumbled on this and that's been alive for year -- take a little bit of that each day lives up to me like how much. How much would make this beats so I take a little bit in this and I put in a new mix. -- and then I just keep feeding this one. There's an escalator that's different then it's it's much more flavorful what is what it is also had an -- Chris Phoenix but it's just stability we don't talk about that are not in the United States you know. If anybody says -- -- of fresh dull yet. Forget that you want each don't you want the east and you have a chance to break down these complex marches which makes it easier on your stomach I mean how many times have you gone to sleep. And you had pizza kettle he led belong -- -- right. This kind of PT here is very very light very digest the -- that's what I'm trying to preach as I support independent peacemaker. Here we are. We got the New York pyrite they are now who doesn't know how to grab a New -- -- -- He hit piping hot against Tito you know what you can eat as much air as she can't see old -- the -- Dozens of -- man. Arianna did a lot and -- Let go and nausea are not the way he he went iPhone four and it's not going nine it's not enough it's not don't -- people and hold them ten month old is important yeah. Don't burn your tongue Hannity yes -- exactly the accurate. -- -- -- -- In mind now. Good -- Detroit's finally from Michigan the Alley with the Detroit ask -- Detroit's home and got chunks it's cook -- In -- pan that's that has an edge to him. And I -- it burns -- eyes around the edge of the pot to cheese comes all the way out -- the extremists in Detroit so I figured -- -- -- about why will -- again I mean it all all good. So it was clear. It's not burden that it's just good it's been char is good -- that you think are to be sure to -- in its -- on the Food Network it's Super Bowl Sunday. Bruno is the special guest judge. -- really need yet that would have Chalabi.

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{"id":21541273,"title":"Which Style of Pizza Is Your Favorite?","duration":"3:00","description":"You know New York and Chicago style, but what about Neapolitan and Romana?","url":"/GMA/video/pizza-maker-bruno-difabio-chopped-shares-styles-pizza-21541273","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}