Plastic Surgeon Accused of Spying on Female Patients

Hollywood doctor allegedly used hidden cameras to spy on women.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plastic Surgeon Accused of Spying on Female Patients
But we're going to start here about a hollywood plastic surgeon to the star now accused of spying on his female passengers. The last person you would expect to be using this technology is your doctor. Good morning. Dan, good morning to you. A prominent doctor has been busted for often unspeakable betrayal of his patients' trust. One woman noticed allegely the hidden camera. The mess can for plastic surgery. Reporter: The select website of dr. Lance wyatt claims that he's a plastic surgeon to the star. Transform the rich and famous. Reporter: Advertising brow lifts, eye lifts the 45-year-old doctor has appeared on multiple television shows as an authority on cosmetic procedures. Including this "20/20" story, on butt augmentation. From time to time. You hear horror stories in the media. Reporter: Now he's facing six misdemeanor charges. After a patient allegedly found a camera. That set off an investigation by the los angeles police, it culminated in his arrest this week. According to complaint, wyatt secretly video taped two patients and inappropriately touched another. Claiming, quote the touching served a professional purpose. The prosecution says that it did not. Los angeles city attorney stated, quote, patients deserve to feel safe and secure while in the care of their physician. Our charges allege dr. Wyatt violated that sacred trust and he should be held accountable. Why would a doctor risk it all to hide a camera in his office. It all has to do with the compulsion to capture these photos privately and then view them later. Reporter: While the charges only include three patients, prosecutors fear that there could be more victims. According to his website. He did his residency at harvard medical school. Although we weren't able to confirm that for our show. If convicted he faces up two years to prison and he would have to register as a sex oh

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{"id":16932786,"title":"Plastic Surgeon Accused of Spying on Female Patients","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood doctor allegedly used hidden cameras to spy on women.","url":"/GMA/video/plastic-surgeon-accused-spying-female-patients-16932786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}