Surgery Disaster Leads to Uniboob

About 10 percent of plastic surgeries are to fix procedures that went wrong.
5:08 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Surgery Disaster Leads to Uniboob
Seventeen million cosmetic procedures were performed in the US last year but not all of them went as planned about 10%. Some of them breast implants were. While there were big problem and and Andy ABC's Andrew can -- not to explain I had I don't even know how to tell him if I get into this I will let you do that yet this is a bizarre one and it's not that common thankfully good morning -- -- women who have breast implants of course run the risk of infection. Scarring and even ruptures and there's a lesser known condition called. The unit or some -- in which the two implants become joint it's not only unattractive it can be extremely painful. One woman I sat down with says the pain and embarrassment was so bad she tried to kill herself and I just wanna let -- -- -- This report has some images which may not be appropriate for all ages. It's become an all too common story patients becoming disfigured or even dying in the name of beauty. From celebrities like Lisa Rinna who recently reversed the size of her uneven and an oversized lips to Tara Reid who was publicly embarrassed by -- liposuction and botched brass. Sharon Osbourne revealed this month on the talk she just had her implants removed. I went to act -- in this action and -- six and me -- need to look at that. Eighteen -- and apparently seeking to -- nor Rodriguez is a forty year old stay at home mom who struggled with body image after having her two daughters. So in 1998 she boosted her confidence with breast implants. Going from a -- -- to -- seek -- wrong how happy were you when you pack your breast implants. I was happy though saying those expecting always say to them before I had my kid I was very -- and I have. Nearly a decade later to -- decided to trade in her old implants for new ones I feel. Same. My visited with -- but the procedure turned into a living nightmare. When I -- cup I couldn't move. At all west in the devastate it. Condition. I was crying and I lasts screaming and screaming and I west end -- the state it. Pain I was screaming for help. -- developed conjoined brass or a unit -- a medical condition called some nasty I chests -- right -- west's. -- what went wrong during a normal implant procedure to pockets are created under the muscle behind the breast one for each implant. But into Norris case the Doctor Who ultimately -- Dirks says she ended up with one large pocket and the two implants and -- together essentially creating. One breast after the initial shock wears off -- feel after that is it in harassment is its depression. What are you thinking. Saying that in the -- I felt like I couldn't handle the pain and I was going crazy my kids south -- not because they have to pay up or not. Taking care of me they got so tight -- and that -- seeing. That case is whether it was panel. Can't hit. Is that what the -- -- to deal with -- yet but. How bad to your depression again. So bad that there wasn't time went but when I tried to squeeze. You tried to king's death. Because it could take that. The -- -- -- is blaming for the unit live tells GMA she's adamant the surgery went well she says she did create two pockets but this amassed DA developed later because the north muscle tissue was -- weak -- compromised from her regional surgery. Nine months later to -- went to see doctor Stephen title bomb. What did you think when you decide to Norris test for the first time actually the first -- -- -- while this is terrible but I think I can fix it and He did. Here's the before. And after he's treated over a hundred cases of some Bastia and says this was one of the worst cases he's ever seen. I remove the old implants. I attached -- skiing hear back down to her breast bone and then made two new separate pockets. Patients -- -- from this operation and they know whether or not they were fixed you can tell right away. But surgery and medicine still not a perfect and science the better the training the doctor has the fewer the complications are gonna -- And because it's not a perfect science experts say to do your homework try to go with a doctor with a clean record they are required to disclose their history. Can check their records on line also asked doctors if they have hospital privileges. Asked how many procedures they've done and look closely at those before and after photos which most doctors' offices have that you can look at you can kind of see the work. -- -- taken quite a toll on her marriage mean she was. Seemingly -- which she -- it almost ended their marriage she was so embarrassed in the bedroom in it she had major intimacy issues after that but her husband really stood by her. And they did and up obviously getting the threat but it was -- it was not easy entertaining thank you very much.

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{"id":14825080,"title":"Surgery Disaster Leads to Uniboob","duration":"5:08","description":"About 10 percent of plastic surgeries are to fix procedures that went wrong.","url":"/GMA/video/plastic-surgery-disaster-leads-uniboob-14825080","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}