Have Scientists Found Pluto's Gate to Hell?

Archaeologists say a cave in Turkey is the spot known in mythology as a portal to the underworld.
2:34 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Have Scientists Found Pluto's Gate to Hell?
Restrictions apply.See website for details. Test Text1 plain 7:44. With the discovery of the real-life gates to hell. Nice song. Terrifying door to the underworld, archaeologists are revealing that a site in southwest turkey could be the real deal. Dan harris is here with the story. Happy to explain. We covered all sorts of dramatic finds in the show. Many hotly contested. Jesus' tomb. The remains of noah's arc and the gates of hell. The gates of hell have long figured prominently in myth logically minded tv shows and movies from "clash of the titans." Gate to the underworld. Kill medusa. Reporter: To bucky the vampire slayer where the town of sunningdale is built on top of the hell mount. I'm not worried. Reporter: Now scientists say they discovered the entryway to the underworld or where the ancients considered it to be. If you're thinking it's a portal like this, this is what is left he gate. These ruins were once an elaborate temple built around a cave people believe led straight down into the depths of hell. Back in 24 a.D., Strabo wrote "this space is full of a vapor so misty and dense that one can scarcely see the ground, any animal that passes inside meets instant death" which is why these scientists put on gas masks for their work. It is an archaeological find thrilling enough for an "indiana jones" plot but this is not the first claim laid to satan's front door. In turkmenistan this crater is one of the other alleged gates to hell. Easy to see why. The fire there has been burning more than 40 years but back to those ruins in turkey they covered up the entrance to the gates of hell which is perhaps for the best. We all remember what happened in "raiders of the lost ark" when they dug up those religious artifacts of the dead. To use a loaded phrase all hell broke loose. Sorry, I thought maybe I would deserve a ding for that one. There really are, by the way, lethal vapors coming out. It was sort of a tourist destination. They would visit and if they went close enough to the cave they would have visions and prophecies which modern science would explain it as them getting high off the fumes coming out of the cave. A whole other story. Thanks, dan. All right, thank you. Coming up, everybody, why

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{"id":18878405,"title":"Have Scientists Found Pluto's Gate to Hell?","duration":"2:34","description":"Archaeologists say a cave in Turkey is the spot known in mythology as a portal to the underworld.","url":"/GMA/video/plutos-gate-hell-found-turkey-cave-archaeologists-18878405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}