Police Officer Helps Stranger With Cancer

Officer Garrett Lukacs gifted a $100 gift card to help the man and his family.
2:21 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Police Officer Helps Stranger With Cancer
It happened here inside the Penn hills ski park a couple tells me they came here just for a typical lunch but when they left they say they received. What they call a gift from an age. These guys don't OK can eat anything else that I inside Eton park Lindsay Cox was waiting on the normal lunch crowd chatting with the regular customers my thought not authorised gotten out of conversation I got to wait let's back and but when she did she prompted a conversation between strangers. It was just by chance you know and there he was sitting across the aisle from us Mike Kelly Bauman began talking to that Penn hills police officer. All this talk Anthony's Tommy not a Stanley analysts of its idiot talking that he is stage four cancer. And just and you are yen that he's gone through that with such small children. Mike a father of three found out he had stage four colon cancer just more than a month ago. And he tells me statistics show that he has about a two and a half percent chance of living five more years. I'm not national but I'm optimistic I'm very going to be I am 100% to shore. But survival is not only tough emotionally it can be devastating financially. Officer Garrett Lucas listen to their struggle then before going back on duty. Meet one final gesture. He left obviously. We were still there and we are getting ready to leave him and he came out with a gift card prominence this thing. He just didn't like him he left the hundred dollar gift card Knisley there was this is just amazing you know it's. Somebody who we didn't know. You know half an hour prior. The Bauman were stunned and grateful want to beacon can't completely anonymous but determined to thank officer Lucas he untouched believe FaceBook cannot. To seemed like a really good guy and not just really strong family man and you know hopefully gets there is struggling. My support as always gone through. A friendship created out of a simple kindness on a typical day. We're going to be that people in the and we and tell everybody about it besides the gift of the gift card and the kindness that happened here inside and healthy heart. The daily tells me their friends have also organized an online fund raiser for them. And refineries are next month into the spaghetti dinner we have all of that information on our website WT dot com. In Penn hills Marcy cypriots in Pittsburgh.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Officer Garrett Lukacs gifted a $100 gift card to help the man and his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30074786","title":"Police Officer Helps Stranger With Cancer","url":"/GMA/video/police-officer-helps-stranger-cancer-30074786"}