Search for White House Gunman

Pierre Thomas on the investigation into bullets found outside the White House.
2:07 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Search for White House Gunman
Security concerns in the nation's capital this morning police scrambling -- -- find a man they say could pose a threat to the president this after a bullet was found outside a White House window ABC's Pierre Thomas is following the investigation Pierre. That's right just this morning the intensive manhunt continues for suspect who fired an assault rifle only blocks away from the White House. Authorities are increasingly concerned that this man Oscar Ortega Hernandez of Idaho could pose a threat to the president. The Secret Service suspects and Ortega Hernandez brazenly fired an assault rifle at the White House. Roughly 800 yards away somewhere between the lives in the Washington monument. The Secret Service has discovered one of the round or take over a dentist allegedly fired. In the White House window and was stopped by bulletproof glass. Another bullet was found lodged in the White House exterior for rinse -- have not definitively -- the bullets to the incident but sources believe they are connected this is a man who discharged. A rifle in downtown DC. I think it speaks volumes police suspect Ortega Hernandez is mentally ill he has an extensive record. Ranging from domestic violence to drug charges. The bizarre dragnet began at 9 PM Friday night. When police received reports of shots fired on the iconic Washington mall. Authorities would later find this car. The suspects had fled but when police discovered inside left -- deeply concerned and assault rifle and empty shell case. Police -- the car to Ortega Hernandez and have been hunting for him ever since they suspect he's been in the DC area for weeks. Perhaps -- -- occupied DC protest. Before the shooting Ortega Hernandez was detained by local police and an abandoned house. They handcuffed and they had -- on the grass. And I guess that let him go. Even though the president has been out of town since last week officials say they're taking no chances they want this suspects off the street think of it jobs. Bullets whizzing past the White House and -- -- grave threat indeed thank you very much for that.

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{"id":14962370,"title":"Search for White House Gunman","duration":"2:07","description":"Pierre Thomas on the investigation into bullets found outside the White House.","url":"/GMA/video/police-search-whitehouse-gunman-president-obama-danger-14962370","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}