Politically Dressed: Inauguration First Daughters

Politically Dressed takes a look at what the stylish first daughters might wear to the inauguration.
2:51 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Politically Dressed: Inauguration First Daughters
Welcome slickly dressed I'm just -- -- All eyes will be on a First Lady -- -- this morning at his second inauguration. But -- next to her and her presidential father will be Malia and Sasha as Amy Carter Chelsea Clinton Jenna and Barbara Bush. And other young -- presents have done before the -- and harsher are shortages are different -- -- the swearing in on January 31. We came to fox that we need to say to talk to -- brought in about what her predictions are for what the first stars -- -- -- the big fat so -- what are suggestions well. I think alcoholic yet is -- growth -- pay for the girls this is something -- really fun on Sasha. -- great trend and something we've been seeing them where a full. What I love about this year we can -- them -- that pulls her flirty skirt is obviously one of the first got it. Signature style statement. And I think one of the more sophisticated transit you're gonna see the girls -- the mixing patterns for the yellow and gold Miley all great for this -- here is out. Me on -- something that is also -- could -- but when it comes to teens in between it's really about just at times. Do little -- scary it's a little bad but you get a little -- and then you pair it with -- -- Another signature piece you often see the girls -- is that heart. Figure almost always -- see them lot of times something -- underneath. What cardigan on top and so here we have everything a little more conservative but I think -- just -- that little bit of coverage that you also just -- in the colder months. -- were also gonna look at some accessories verbally and -- like this. That's well what I love about this is as you're turning getting into your teens -- early tween. The -- the person across the body bags that's what comes back. So whether you're doing like a little respect coming cop. I love this president a little bit of this fire against the black leather experts across body and across but he's really gonna be great for this trip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cast that also makes it just that really was an easy. Great little fun twist here. Number we're gonna hunt about my -- her -- that he. -- -- -- -- they're all flat it's good to eat the right side will start with my favorite which is this -- and that sort of like a ballerina at some point shift. It's great and I could really -- -- -- rocking it. With even like -- good rate hike. I a lot of the -- face black so that means that you're getting out flat and -- the point but also -- on -- ticket office. There president of something that a young girl with really -- Thanks for joining us on the inauguration -- politically draft and stay tuned to abcnews.com. Throughout the day on January 21. For all day in operation -- she shot -- Wallace ABC news.

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{"id":18243560,"title":"Politically Dressed: Inauguration First Daughters","duration":"2:51","description":"Politically Dressed takes a look at what the stylish first daughters might wear to the inauguration.","url":"/GMA/video/politically-dressed-inauguration-daughters-18243560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}