Pollen Vortex: Allergy Season Peaks Early

Long winter and delayed spring are making allergies worse.
2:11 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Pollen Vortex: Allergy Season Peaks Early
We turn now to -- a health alert we remember the polar vortex during a long brutal winner while something new even worse possibly for allergy sufferers of the hall and more tax striking right now. And making millions of lives miserable hate to bring you this that -- but it's something a lot of similar -- -- that turned ABC's -- Ashton. For more on this -- -- -- great to see you. So why is this year even -- -- your -- this is truly the gift that keeps giving as you said long brutal winter delayed spring instead of a gradual blooming of everything that we normally see landing on the windshield of our cars. It's all happening at once really setting up. A perfect storm for allergy suffers and I am definitely one of them that I am as well sold to -- -- -- first take note of this year should I talk to their doctors right away should make -- stronger prescriptions if you are hearing my voice talk to someone this week the earlier the better lots of medical options. To start off with we have a new kid on the block there's a new medication by prescription. Called -- -- it's an FDA approved immune therapy for allergies think of it like a flu vaccine. Want to -- cast which is also available by prescription brand -- singular. Really really effective. Preventing the inflammation that comes at these allergies then things that everyone has heard of steroids -- over the counter antihistamines. It is really important for people understand they a lot of these take weeks or months to start working. He need to start them now if you haven't had your first sneeze or -- -- Waiting for the symptoms literally -- -- is like putting a band aid on -- and gossip -- is not haven't happened you're very -- and natural on remedies -- -- -- two and these are things that people can start doing when they have the symptoms first keep your windows in your home and your car close -- you don't get that pollen literally in your face shower before bed is key because that pollen that -- the film is on your skin and your hair. Nasal saline spray very effective. Medi pot to rinse out your nasal passages when in doubt -- -- out. Daughter now yeah. Yeah. How'd you win that I read as an adult I -- -- everyday yeah they have no we will be able to enjoy wonderful spring a well deserved springs and thanks for these have to keep an eye on us. Good luck. You tonight.

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{"id":23308776,"title":"Pollen Vortex: Allergy Season Peaks Early","duration":"2:11","description":"Long winter and delayed spring are making allergies worse.","url":"/GMA/video/pollen-vortex-allergy-season-peaks-early-23308776","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}