Polo Baron Adopts Girlfriend

Dan Abrams discusses the multimillionaire's plan to protect his fortune.
2:14 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Polo Baron Adopts Girlfriend
Any legal analyst Dan Abrams and and I saw this. Strategy described by one lawyers either awful or brilliantly -- well it's definitely awful and ended it may be -- you can imagine the lawyer right coming up with -- talking with -- -- I -- this is gonna sound crazy. But I've come up with this idea where you're gonna wait hold on get this adopt your girlfriend you know can you imagine that conversation look. That the reason -- big media little bit brilliant is if it ends up working. Great there's a lot of risks here though first of all. The kids trust was off limits in connection with the civil case it's now back on the table because of this minute as a couple hundred million dollars that's right and these are huge numbers and number two and this is that no one's really talking about -- He's also petty criminal case pending right. So let's assume he's convicted in connection with the criminal case it was a sentencing. Judges -- human. Judges don't if they're supposed to just focus on what was presented in the courtroom but they're human and when they hear. That this guy has been engaging in what are at best legal shenanigans. I don't think that could help that's I was gonna ask you that does is make a mockery of the adoption process -- -- -- -- -- should just be disallowed it could it could and and the adoption itself is going to be battled either it seems the probate laxity -- -- in Texas to Delaware. But but I think that it's possible that the the courts that are evaluating the trust could say this is a share. Then if it goes through okay the guys now adopted his girlfriend. -- -- -- Up to an incest -- no because actually had to go looked itself under Florida law and have discussions about odd incest questions. But it would -- answer is no because there is no blood relationship. And as a result there could not be an incest -- the interesting -- yes you read the Florida law carefully it seems that if there'd been an uncle. Or -- -- no direct blood relationship there might have been an incest charge but not with regard to to -- -- It was hard to get so excited -- -- it's it's bizarre that he be the ins and outs of the the Florida incest law. Something I'm now an expert. -- at once again on the case -- -- very much.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the multimillionaire's plan to protect his fortune.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15505016","title":"Polo Baron Adopts Girlfriend","url":"/GMA/video/polo-baron-adopts-girlfriend-wrong-brilliant-15505016"}