Polo Mogul's Children Fight Girlfriend Adoption

John Goodman's biological children are asking that the adoption be thrown out.
3:02 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Polo Mogul's Children Fight Girlfriend Adoption
Let's get right to that dramatic trial in Florida the children of a 48 year old multimillionaire fighting with their father in court over his adoption of its 42 year old girlfriend. -- BC's -- -- joins us from Florida with much more on that this morning good morning that. Hey good morning rob in this case -- to get more complex and bizarre with each turn that multi millionaire Playboy from Palm Beach John Goodman 48. He's fighting in court to keep his 42 year old lover as his legally adopted. Daughter now he's kids are trying to get back tossed out his biological children. Why money she stands to gain up to 200. Million dollars. Attorneys for Palm Beach multi millionaire John Goodman's teenage children were in court Thursday asking the judge to throw out what many consider to be a sham adoption. We should not be. Permitted to subvert the adoption statutes and -- up your loved. Back in October the 48 year old -- magnate. Legally adopted his lover Heather -- as his daughter -- is a 42 year old socialite dating -- -- since 2009. But on Thursday attorneys for -- children demanded -- judge toss out the adoption scheme by Goodman they -- to keep his money. He stands to gain a minimum of 250000. A year for as long she removed plus she -- realize as much as five million dollars a year. -- in distributions from the trust. Every year that she lives yet. She could receive as much as 200 million dollars over the next forty years that cash is part of a 300 million dollar trust for -- needs children. The crown jewel one of the biggest polo clubs in the world attorneys now say Goodman is tried to keep most of the money for himself. As he faces a -- you -- manslaughter charge for allegedly killing 23 year old Scott Wilson in 2010. Idea hadn't had a wreck and I. People could -- -- look no problem. Allegedly smashing his bitten into Wilson's -- -- And leaving him to drown in this -- -- deputy that are out there. Yeah a lot of income borrowers -- bars and. Wilson's parents are suing Goodman for up to a hundred million dollars a -- they say motivated the unusual adoption. Include men's alleged deal to share the cash with -- its -- -- I don't want to hang on her man -- Court documents even -- Goodman kept the deet tails of the adoption from his children. Who never seem to like there are -- sister. Two years ago Hudgens told police the children kept quote releasing much information out of his -- -- so he had to memorize my number. Now the attorneys fighting this adoption said they've canvassed the whole country. Found only five cases in which a man tried to adopt his lover all of them thrown out the courts calling it repugnant out these attorneys concede. It was a bold legal gamble however. Probably it'll be a losing one Robin probably sell our right -- thank you.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"John Goodman's biological children are asking that the adoption be thrown out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15554471","title":"Polo Mogul's Children Fight Girlfriend Adoption","url":"/GMA/video/polo-moguls-children-fight-girlfriend-adoption-court-15554471"}