Polo Tycoon Who Adopted Girlfriend: Trial Begins

John Goodman is charged with killing a college grad while driving drunk.
2:52 | 03/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Polo Tycoon Who Adopted Girlfriend: Trial Begins
Let's get right to the trial of a polo -- -- he adopted his girlfriend -- George said is accused of driving drunk and killing a recent college perhaps. ABC's Matt Gutman is at the courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida with the latest on all that good morning -- Hey good morning Robin that's right John Goodman has hired the best attorneys money can buy last month we learned. Of their scheme to have him adopt. It's 42 year old girlfriend as his daughter to protect its stake in -- Giant family trust fund and now it is DUI manslaughter trial they're saying that. He was drunk but only after the crash which there of course blaming on his quarter of a million dollar Bentley. At question in the sensational do you -- manslaughter trial. Apolo multimillionaire John Goodman easy to whether he was drunk when he says it. Give me ten room your best shots -- -- -- Or how drunk police found him after his -- Tebow 23 year old Scott Wilson's car in February 2010. But wait -- he got drunk. Defense attorney Roy Black yesterday stunning the gallery arguing that Goodman wasn't driving drunk that he delegate equivalent of fifteen shots of liquor. After the crash. It solo effort to stop the pain. Police breathalyzer is found -- at twice the legal limit three hours following the accident. And the prosecution counters that several eyewitnesses saw him drink previously. A -- he -- eight minding -- Now mind -- racer is -- By problem. It was all at a polo function earlier that evening his bartender and Fred that served him multiple drinks said she didn't seem affected. He appeared to be intoxicated and those that are black also argued that good means 250000. Dollar Bentley somehow malfunctioned -- -- -- -- quotes that this signs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first person he -- he's girlfriend Heather -- the couple making headlines when he adopted her last year. To protect he's interest in his family's massive trust fund. 64 minutes after the crash he finally called 911. The idea of -- -- overall. During that time it's believed Scott Wilson drowned in his canal. Investigators believe he had survived the impact. And I know this is -- only part of this case the idea that somebody would leave -- went behind. In a condition like bed this morning. And the moment did so many had been waiting for for Heather hutchins John Goodman's daughter slash girlfriend she could take the stand either today or tomorrow to talk about. -- brief conversation with Goodman right after that crash.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"John Goodman is charged with killing a college grad while driving drunk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15917475","title":"Polo Tycoon Who Adopted Girlfriend: Trial Begins","url":"/GMA/video/polo-tycoon-adopted-girlfriend-drunken-driving-trial-begins-15917475"}