Tycoon's Drunk Driving Trial Begins

Dan Abrams discusses the defense strategy in the trial of John Goodman.
2:09 | 03/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tycoon's Drunk Driving Trial Begins
Dan Abrams -- where to Begin where to Begin. Let's start with this defense here and he's putting that -- -- for the thousand dollar car on trial first he's got two things he's got to explain right number one is the drink. And the defense is well actually the reason he was quote drunk was because he was drinking at. After the accident okay. The bigger problem in my mind is the idea that they're going to come forward and -- and experts from Bentley. To suggest that the car could have lurched forward. To -- those two things happened at the same time. He's where it's going to be very difficult meaning that on its face he shows that he's drunk according to a breathalyzer. And this accident occurred and he left the scene and now he's got to explain each and every one of those little facts taken together. It's tough tough defense -- so we're saying OK maybe one without the other but to have all of that. And -- expect the jury to. Believe all of it seems a bit much -- say you have to have that -- it is somehow he's got to explain what happened here because. Varies -- that someone died here this is a very serious this is a serious serious case and he's got to explain. Why he was the one of the accident. Why he didn't stay. And why he shouldn't be found guilty here and -- -- prosecutors have the burden of proof but when you've got this kind of defense the defense has to make this story. Makes sense and that that may be the problem for -- you got all these witnesses coming in saying. I was serving him drinks I'm serving reminder racers -- he's got -- vodka drink he's got this and and the key is going to become. Which of these people that if you watch the defense you're gonna see them say how many people. Actually watched him drink those -- as opposed to drinking drinks with friends and adding on to this so it shouldn't have any kind of part to it but you heard -- -- closing saying his girlfriend slash daughter yeah. This adoption that occurred -- -- I don't think it's helpful if the jurors know about it. The judge -- know about it he -- certainly made this case much more of a national high profile case all of which I don't think helps Goodman in the context of this case. We'll see what happens.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the defense strategy in the trial of John Goodman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15917508","title":"Tycoon's Drunk Driving Trial Begins","url":"/GMA/video/polo-tycoon-adopted-girlfriend-drunken-driving-trial-begins-15917508"}