Polo Tycoon Manslaughter Trial: Witness Testimony

Dan Abrams discusses John Goodman's DUI manslaughter trial.
2:28 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Polo Tycoon Manslaughter Trial: Witness Testimony
-- contention. The defense that the Bentley lurched and those concussions caused the problems but no witnesses. Have testified that that's right so we heard from a lot of witnesses yesterday including many who arrived on the scene shortly thereafter none of them saying. That he said -- I am in my car the next thing I know my car. Lurches forward you would think that if that's actually what happened. When he's telling people again and again what happened how it happened he would've said. My car -- lost control of it suddenly it shot or -- The sort of thing that jurors talk about when they get back into the jury room when they start evaluating the totality of the count. And can we believe it. It's this sort of thing you can expect those jurors to discuss right in the except when we heard from the girlfriend yesterday the first phone call he made didn't say a word. To her about the head and Summers are tussling with us present quite short yet very shortly -- she was never that important witness she's a salacious witness -- in particular because she's now his daughter as well. But but she's not that important in terms of actually providing evidence in this case it. This -- -- about -- the car does make you wonder whether he's gonna have to take Stan. Who else is going to be able to testify. That that's what happened yes the defense -- says they'll bring in experts from Bentley will talk about problems with the car that this kind of car had issues etc. But to save it actually happened in this case and usually leery about putting defendants understand that anything -- have -- in most cases I would tell you I don't think the defendants gonna take the stand. And look at totally depends on. How he would do and a mock. Cross examination that -- assuring you that his defense attorney has done to either. Help him prepare to get on the standard convince him not to take the stand of one of those two but this may be one of those cases with the best shot they have. Is to have him get up there and try and explain. Exactly what happened. How about this testimony -- -- -- the prosecution's star witness the man mentioned in his piece that Roy Black the defense attorney this -- urban -- think -- black has to be a little bit careful about how far she just comes across is this kind of reluctant witness not someone -- necessarily wants to be there not someone who's looking for the big pay out. And the allegation from the defense sees fit that she's trying did sort of work we did the plaintiffs and in the context of a civil lawsuit. A little bit dangerous here very important witness because she's the one who actually convinces him. To call -- and the prosecution not making a very big deal about the fact of the girlfriend is now the daughter. Yet I am not a -- all in the I don't think that's -- -- be particularly significant issue in this case. Until May be descendants saying. Again probably shouldn't matter then but as I said -- before. I think it's impossible to keep that out of the trial entirely in any way shape or form even if it means psychologically -- terms of the judge or whoever OK Dan Abrams thanks very much.

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{"id":15926577,"title":"Polo Tycoon Manslaughter Trial: Witness Testimony","duration":"2:28","description":"Dan Abrams discusses John Goodman's DUI manslaughter trial.","url":"/GMA/video/polo-tycoon-john-goodman-manslaughter-trial-witness-testimony-15926577","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}