Polo Tycoon Girlfriend Takes Stand

Multimillionaire adopted girlfriend after being charged with DUI manslaughter.
2:28 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Polo Tycoon Girlfriend Takes Stand
Latest explosive testimony in the trial that polar tycoon charge of driving his -- drunk and killing a young man. The multimillionaire made headlines when he adopted his girlfriend to protect his fortune and she took the stand on Wednesday. And she's -- -- covers -- case for us from West Palm Beach good morning Matt. Hey good morning George sitting in that courtroom yesterday you could. Feel the intensity of the legal jousting just as the prosecution seemed -- Check -- John Goodman proving that he was drunk that he. Have left the man to die by the side of the road his defense team comes roaring back reducing the star witness nearly to tears. But by far the most anticipated moment came was when John Goodman's girlfriend slash daughter took the stand. -- Colby's cameo was short but memorable. Your numbers the only number he knows -- -- yes his children -- erasing an out of his sends him he had ten. -- -- -- You're facing thirty years for the DUI manslaughter of 23 year old Scott Wilson John -- -- first call that night wasn't 2911. But it -- the woman he would adopt Casey's daughter two years later that made the single mum of 28 multi millionaire. Wind -- -- that come your boyfriend. Shortly after the accident but not backed them. Now good mid may that first phone call after reading Wilson's call into a canal fleeing the scene and -- barging into Lisa -- -- trailer this. Says they're finally up and up. And that he had been found in -- -- of the world accident. 54 minutes after the crash -- to insist she finally convinces him to call 911. Lisa how nimble and was the prosecution's star witness about to -- is -- -- in my -- in two million dollar turning. Roy Black. You're represented by a member of the services firm is that correct. Yes -- -- I have yes and you -- as a receiver who represented a civil suit against mr. Goodman. The prosecution has been trying to prove Goodman would -- young drunk when he got behind the wheel he said give me ten them at your best shots of tequila. But the defense is countering that when he's 250000. Dollar Bentley slammed into Wilson's caller -- would -- suffered a concussion. And they say you can even hear the effects of it. He slowed speech. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the disorientation. All of it not from a night of boozing says the defense but from a bump on the head. And good men did have the presence of mind to dial the only number he knew by heart. That of -- there Colby his girlfriend he also had the presence of mind to remind her to have him call his manager.

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{"id":15926499,"title":"Polo Tycoon Girlfriend Takes Stand","duration":"2:28","description":"Multimillionaire adopted girlfriend after being charged with DUI manslaughter.","url":"/GMA/video/polo-tycoon-john-goodmans-girlfriend-takes-stand-15926499","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}