People Magazine's New Sexiest Man Alive: Channing Tatum

'GMA' anchor Lara Spencer with the latest in pop news that has people buzzing.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for People Magazine's New Sexiest Man Alive: Channing Tatum
Let's get right to it we've been guessing all morning long. "People" magazine, you nailed it again for making your choice for the sexiest man alive 2012. According to the folks who make the picks, this man has captivating eyes, a killer body. And he can cook. He gives a great massage. That's a perk. And he can dance, magically. Magically. Oh, this movie is just magic. And so is this man. "People" magine wants you to know channing tatum is more than just piercing eyes and that chiselled body. The alabama grad 32-year-old actor also is a sculptor. And he likes to read and cook. What doesn't he do? A true renaissance man, i dare say. You can read more about channing and the other sexy men when the magazine hits newsstands on friday. Congratulations, channing. I'd like you to consider some of our sexiest men alive for consideration in 2013. That's been the gift for months. We have video. If you guys danced like channing, you might stand a chance. Oh, no. This video -- do not do it. Don't do it. There's a certain video out there, that I guarantee would get them on the list. Oh. Maybe not. Moving on. Will the next "bachelor" be cheryl burke? Could two tv shows in our world be colliding? Cheryl has been on "dancing with the stars" for almost a decade. And she still hasn't met there right. Is that the problem? She tells "us weekly" she may take drastic action, confirming she has met with executives from "the bachelorette." And she says she will jump at the chance. The problem is she's married to her work and rarely meets new people. And she's with the same folks all the time. This would be a way to get 25 dates guaranteed. I like this show. I this idea is very good. Yeah. She deserves to find the right guy. That would be perfect. So, we voted for her on that. And we're trying to vote for you on that list. Guess who is going "gangnam style." Even madonna can't get the korean rap song out of her head. She invited psy to perform with her at madison square garden. The pair riding the imaginary ponies. And the mash up with "music" to the delight of 20,000 fans. Before the appearance, psy voted, I think tonight I'm going to dance with a friend and make some history. There you go. Maybe a little bit of history? He did. History. Small-age history. Thank you, george. History made at san diego zoo. Their baby panda finally has a name. It's been 100 days since he was born, which is when china tradition says the little guy can be d. The cub was dubbed xialiwo, which means little gift. And he may need to be called big gift soon. He is expected to weigh over 200 pounds within 18 months. Congratulations there.

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{"id":17715296,"title":"People Magazine's New Sexiest Man Alive: Channing Tatum","duration":"3:00","description":"'GMA' anchor Lara Spencer with the latest in pop news that has people buzzing.","url":"/GMA/video/channing-tatum-people-magazines-sexiest-man-alive-cheryl-17715296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}