Simon Cowell Is Now a Father!

Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for Simon Cowell Is Now a Father!
We all have that past loafian response to the techno. Ready for Sara Haines. Mans Dan Harriss. It's a boy for Simon Cowell and his girlfriend. A wonderful Valentine's day surprise as she went into labor yesterday. A week and a half before her due date. He tweeted she and Lauren chose the name. You were up late binge watching "House of cards"? That's my bleary eyes. Within a few minutes of its release it ranked among the most viewed shows on netflix also getting great reviews from critics and even a bigger endorsement from Washington, D.C. With president Barack Obama begging his Twitter followers not to post any spoilers. I'm betting there were plenty of valentiners who much whatted the entire 13-hour season last night. I did not. I stopped myself after one but I'm going home to watch the rest. With Valentine's day over for another year, it's time to Bess up. Who got it wrong? We've had some great tweets from viewers. This first one from Amy, she says "My husband bought flowers on Wednesday, had them wrapped and then stormed them in a drawer underneath our dead. Fail! Jeannie says "How could it be someone might confuse the two words, just Jared's, the Julie store with jimmy Johns on Valentine's day. Amber says, "My dog ate my sub sandwich dinner" Valentines fail" or big win for the dog. Three days to win a double date with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and while Ben's been raising plenty of awareness on Twitter he's been picking on his buddy about behind behind the time, Matt, you there, right. All right, we'll fax you and just like that the #faxingmattdamon is taking over the internet. I dusted over a fax machine from the time machine, aka Ron's office and I'm joining the campaign. Here we go. Consider us part of this new victory and for those of you at home who happen to get rid your fax machine, my gosh, it works at the end of the '80s still owner, go to You can't page him. You can hit me on the beeper, okay? Or the land line. Old school. Cell phones that comes in like a suitcase, yeah. Brick ones. Charge a thousand dollars -- The satellite you pop on the car. That went through? It did. I'm impressed. I didn't know we had the technology. Sara, we'll be right back with more "Gma." ♪ ♪ ♪

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{"id":22532939,"title":"Simon Cowell Is Now a Father!","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/pop-news-simon-cowell-father-22532939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}