Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Clouded by Scandal

Top British cardinal is resigning after allegations of "inappropriate acts."
2:30 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Clouded by Scandal
We just learned that benedict will be called emeritus pope and will wear white after he steps down next week. His retirement this week is being clouded by scandal, as there are more calls to stop an american cardinal from participating in the election of the next po abc's david wright is in rome right now with the very latest. Good morning, david. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. The process to replace pope benedict is now on the fast track. We've also just learned that the deacon of the college of cardinals will summon the cardinals on friday to their first meeting, which will take PLACE ON MONDAY, MARCH 4th. Never before has the cardinal given the conclave amidst a scandal. And that raises the pressure for the other cardinals tainted by scandal, among them, roger mahoney, who for years, covered up for pedophile priests. For 24 hours, britain's cardinal keith o'brien has holed up in this home in scotland. The holy father accepted the resignation of cardinal o'brien. Reporter: On sunday, a british newspaper reported hi sexually harassed four SEMINARIANS IN THE 1980s. While o'brien insists the presence were false, his presence at the conclave would be a distraction. There's another that threatens to be a distraction. I think it's important to raise these kinds of issues. Reporter: Roger mahoney protected pedophile priests for more than a decade. Already in rome, last night, he blogged about his disgust, with a culture so quick to accuse, judge and condemn. What happened to the norm of giving others the benefit of the doubt until hard evidence proves otherwise? In mahoney's case, thousands of pages of documents released under a court order were so damning, his successor publicly rebuked him. Nothing changed. Anwill change. With a new pope -- if that new pope is going to be saddled with cardinal mahoney. Reporter: But the vatican supports mahoney. So does america's highest-ranking official. I believe he should be at the conclave. Reporter: Pope benedict himself is having a quiet day today. No public events on his schedule. Vatican officials saying, he's getting set for his departure two days from now. George? David, looking forward to joining you in rome for that in a couple days.

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{"id":18596359,"title":"Pope Benedict XVI Resignation Clouded by Scandal","duration":"2:30","description":"Top British cardinal is resigning after allegations of \"inappropriate acts.\"","url":"/GMA/video/pope-benedict-resignation-clouded-scandal-british-cardinal-resigns-18596359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}