New Pope Francis: Cardinal Bergoglio Elected

The Argentinean Jesuit is the first pope from Latin America.
4:07 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for New Pope Francis: Cardinal Bergoglio Elected
It certainly is. Right to rome right now where pope francis began his first morning as head of the catholic church by visiting rome's largest cathedral. Something of a humble start. Went through a side entrance before an icon of the virgin mary. See him right there, spent about 30 minutes in contemplation and went outside and see people kissing his ring. He's not really used to it this first day. Almost seems if he wants to shake their hands, but, of course, he is going to get used to this. He is the leader of 1.2 billion catholics right now. A man famous for being out amongst the people washing their feet so this must be a change. You may remember that last night he told those crowds packed in st. Peter's square just after his announcement that he intended to pray to the virgin mary that she may watch over all of rome and pope francis told the cardinals that he plans t call on retired pope benedict in the next few days. Something else we've never seen before. Never seen that. Coming up, pope francis signals a new start in so many ways. We'll speak with cardinal dolan of new york and start out with josh in vatican city. Good morning, josh. Reporter: Good morning to you, george. And what a night, what history to have seen here as the world still reacts to the selection of pope francis as history's 266th supreme pontiff. Actually check out this headline from an italian newspaper "la sorpresa di francesca." The thousands massed here in the square. It was a surprise met by euphoria as the church enters a new era now with a new man to lead it. This morning, as the world awoke, pope francis made a private visit to st. Mary's basicila here in rome, staying for approximately half an hour. The vatican press office also told reporters that the new pope stopped at the casa del clero, the residence he was staying prior to the conclave to fetch his belongings. Of course, his new home, the vatican where last night after 7:00 local time, with a plume of white smoke shot in the cold, dark night sky and tolling of bells, the 100,000 faithful waiting in st. Peter's square erupted. Habemus papam. Reporter: After another hour of frenzied anticipation, cardinal jorge bergoglio emerged introduced as pope francis and bowed to his people. Reporter: Francis is the first jest wish pope and hailing from latin america home to 40% of the world's catholics. His attire spoke to his well-known commitment to the pour in argentina. He wore a simple wooden cross and t and in his first address to his new congregation francis acknowledged his far-flung roots. Translator: The duty of the conclave was to give a bishop to rome. My fellow cardinals found one at the end of the world, but here we are. Reporter: He offered his vision for the church's uncertain future, one grounded in brotherhood. Translator: Let's pray always for each other. Let's pray for the whole world. May there be a great brotherhood. Reporter: And when he lefhe attended masses with a new chapter for the catholic church beginning. Actually shy and humble man later asked the crowd to pray for him and so pope francis begins this new chapter and he's off to a very busy start. Later today he will celebrate mass with the cardinal electors in the sistine chapel where he was asked to accept the role as pope and then in five days' time on tuesday morning his official inaugural mass at st. Peter's basicila behind me will take place so obviously a busy next few days for the new holy father.

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{"id":18726930,"title":"New Pope Francis: Cardinal Bergoglio Elected","duration":"4:07","description":"The Argentinean Jesuit is the first pope from Latin America.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-cardinal-jorge-bergoglio-argentina-elected-jesuit-18726930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}