Pope Francis Departs New York for Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love will be the last stop on the pontiff's historic visit to the United States.
2:36 | 09/26/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Departs New York for Philadelphia
Now, of course, on to Philadelphia where they're expecting the largest crowd yet, perhaps a million, perhaps more at a Sunday mass and before that tonight a celebrity-filled event featuring Aretha franklin and others and this morning, Cecilia Vega, she's right there. Cecilia, good morning. Reporter: Hey, Dan, good morning to you. Yeah, the pope lands in just a couple of hours. This trip to Philadelphia is his primary reason for coming to the U.S. Here to attend the world meetings of families and if you thought the crowds we saw earlier were big, just wait. This morning, the city of brotherly love ready for a divine arrival as pope Francis makes his way to Philadelphia. Crowds in philly expected to be among the largest so far of this three-day American tour. Even those famous rocky steps finally taking center stage. Up to a million people all packed in right here trying to catch a glimpse of pope Francis as he popemobiles his way down Ben franklin parkway? We came down to see the pope and express our love for him and for the love of the church. Reporter: The first stop the cathedral basilica of saints peter and Paul and a ride in the popemobile around the bedrock of American history, Independence hall where he will deliver a speech on immigration. Tonight the pope goes Hollywood, a concert hosted by mark Wahlberg, now the hottest ticket in town, anything with pope Francis' face on it. These are all the pope Francis things you never even knew you needed. A pope Francis doll, the bobblehead but this is the big ticket item life-size perfect for the selfie. What does it peen for this city? It's almost kind of the classic line out of "Casablanca" of all the cities and all the plays in the world, the pope is coming to Philadelphia. Reporter: And this basilica right here behind me, that will be the pope's first stop. Look at the Ben franklin parkway, those jumbotrons lined up and down the treat is where we will see the massive crowd, people are just starting to trickle in, Dan. I hear you're coming out to visit us. We're really excited to see you. Paula, I'm sorry you bones be here but I did anyone's confessed their sins at a bar inquonisar sdege n.ar mbu ayt tbehest F time a priest has been here to absolve them. The pope's day start united nations, the Vatican flag flying there for the first time among the other nations. Then on to ground zero where he remarked that the grief is palp.able

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"The City of Brotherly Love will be the last stop on the pontiff's historic visit to the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34063287","title":"Pope Francis Departs New York for Philadelphia","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-depart-york-philadelphia-34063287"}