Pope Francis: 'You Can't be Candy Shop-Style Christians'

On a trip to Assisi the new pontiff says, "you can't serve two masters, God and money."
2:07 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis: 'You Can't be Candy Shop-Style Christians'
We're going to turn to pope francis, making a pilgrimage to the tiny town of assisi. It's the name place of the saint that inspired the pontiff for his work. Reporter: Good morning, george. That mass just ended. The pope just left in the popemobile. He's spoken twice today. We heard words from him that we never heard from a pope before. Pope francis has quickly earned the nickname, the people's pope. And so he is, yet again, reaching out to the sick and the poor. Thousands turned out for his visit, today, to assisi. Look at all of the smiles here. The pope, and the pilgrims. His message of returning the church to its humble roots is re-igniting faith. But francis is determined to make his flock practice what he wants the church to preach. Just listen. You can't be candy shop-style christians, he tells them. You can't be a servant of two masters, god and money. This is a pilgrimage for francis. Assisi is the hometown of the saint he adopted. It was ain't francis that renounced his family's wealth, to devote his life to the poor. He ignored his prepared speech today and spoke from the heart. Thursday's tragic accident off the coast of italy is clearly on the pope's mind. More than 130 african migrants died when their boat caught fire and capsized. He told the crowd it's not acceptable to be chriian, and ignore children who are hungry, and people in slavery, and the desperate migrants who drowned. He may be the people's pope. But he also wants to be known as a humble pope. A chilling moment in the basilica. The friars lined up to kiss his ring and kneel before him. They've always done with popes. The pope said, that's not necessary with me. Instead, they simply bowed. George? Robin? He is so determined to shake up that entire church. He really is. He's doing it, day by day.

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{"id":20468989,"title":"Pope Francis: 'You Can't be Candy Shop-Style Christians'","duration":"2:07","description":"On a trip to Assisi the new pontiff says, \"you can't serve two masters, God and money.\"","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-makes-pilgrimage-assisi-20468989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}